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Does eBay Ship To Vietnam?

Shopping online is nothing new to the American buying community since it is one of the greatest US shopping sites nowadays. Some eBay stores do deliver items to Vietnam, while others do not, thus you must purchase US items on eBay through a service company that provides eBay shopping service. 

In this article, we are going to introduce to you two ways to buy products on eBay and the two ways of delivering items to Vietnam. But first, let us answer your question: “Does eBay ship to Vietnam?”.

eBay company
eBay company

Can Products On eBay Be Shipped To Vietnam?

To answer this question: it depends. Not every product available on eBay can be sent straight to Vietnam. 

But do not worry, an amazingly simple way has been developed that will simply allow you to send any product from eBay to Vietnam at an exceptionally inexpensive fee. 

The Ways You Shopping On eBay And Deliver Products To Vietnam

Ways to buy products and ship them to Vietnam
Ways to buy products and ship them to Vietnam

To send any product internationally from eBay U.S., you must have a physical address in the U.S. This address will be used to receive products from eBay.

But you are probably asking how you may have a physical address in the United States if you don’t live there or have family who lives in there. There are several firms situated in the United States that provide consumers with US addresses and will also assist with overseas delivery. These businesses are known as freight forwarders.

If you register an account with them, they will provide you with a US-based address to which you may ship any and all items ordered from US-based businesses and services.

The product is accepted on your behalf by the freight forwarder. When the shipment arrives, the freight forwarder will ship it directly to you in Vietnam. If you have many packages, they can combine your packages into a single order. This way, you will receive all of your products at once rather than one per time.

The advantage of this service is that you may place your purchase from anywhere in the U.S. and have it transported to Vietnam.

Step-to-step Guideline For Buying On eBay And Shipping To Vietnam

Follow the following step-to-step guide to know how to buy an item on eBay and ship it to Vietnam. 

Step 1: Access and search for the item you wish to purchase 

Assume that we are going to buy this Canon camera.

Canon camera
Canon camera

Step 2: Check the information of the seller and the product

You have to check whether the item you select is right or wrong through its name since the products sometimes are quite the same.

In this example, the full name of the Canon camera is Canon EOS R5 45.0MP Mirrorless Camera – Black (Body Only).

The Canon camera’s full name
The Canon camera’s full name

There is other information that is also necessary to check is the feedback, eBay name, top-rated, and vendor reviews of the seller.

  • Feedback: The high percent feedback of partners to nick, the high reputation of the seller.
  • eBay seller name: You should know who you are going to buy the product from.
  • Top-rated seller: It is eBay’s recognization and verification of the seller’s reputation.
  • Vendor Review: One piece of advice for you is that you should choose merchants who have from 10,000 over to buy.
Seller’s information
Seller’s information

Besides, don’t forget to check the product’s shipping details and payment method, including:

  • Product number: The number of indications on the eBay product, depending on this figure, you may determine how many times the item has been seen.
  • Product location: It is the item’s address, where this item is located. “Ship to” shows where the seller may ship to, and “Payment” means accepted payment methods. 
  • History: It is the seller’s track record of selling similar products (in case you may buy in bulk)
Canon camera’s shipping details and payment methods
Canon camera’s shipping details and payment methods

After that, you should spend some time reading all the descriptions of the product which is provided by the seller carefully to reduce danger while purchasing. This is the most crucial aspect. 

Product’s description
Product’s description

Finally, just take time to read the ratings and reviews of previous buyers who bought the item you want to buy to help you have a practical view of it.

Ratings and reviews of the product
Ratings and reviews of the product

Step 3: Check the item condition

Or the product status, which contains the following statuses: new, use, brand new, MINT, NEAR MINT, EXCELLENT, GREAT, AVERAGE, FAIR, POOR, REPAIR STOCK/PARTS, new without tags, new with tags, refurbished, reconditioned, and seller refurbished.

  • New: New status means it is the new product of the company and is sold by the company’s store. This product is never used or activated. When purchasing it, you may feel confident. 
  • Use: It is a secondhand item. This item is unaware of the item’s uniqueness.
  • Brand new: It means that this item is new and it is difficult to acquire from the brand but not public and public to the purchaser. 
  • MINT: Practically no signs are showing that the item had been used because it appears to be brand new. 
  • NEAR MINT: The item is nearly unused and nearly new.
  • EXCELLENT: Although the item has a few scrapes, it is in fantastic condition.
  • GREAT: The item has some scratches since it had been used daily. In comparison to the typical face, it is looking really decent.
  • AVERAGE: There are scratches on the item from normal usage. In comparison to the common ground, it appears to be quite typical. 
  • FAIR: The item has more scratches than the item that has AVERAGE condition. However, it is still available.
  • POOR: The item has lots of scratches and seems old, but the rows are still fully functional.
  • REPAIR STOCK/PARTS: If you buy the item that has this status, you have to repair it to use its full functionality.
  • New without tags: The item is also brand new but without a price tag.
  • New with tags: It is brand new with the price tag on it.
  • Refurbished: The item is sent back to the maker for various reasons. However, the firm inspects it to assure quality and standards. It is then repackaged and offered on the market. This item is less expensive than the new 100%.
  • Reconditioned: The item was utilized for a while before being offered on the market on the market via the retail system.
  • Seller refurbished: Just like reconditioned, however, it is fixed by the vendor or business itself. 

In this Canon camera example, its condition is new, which you can see in the below photo.

Check the condition of the camera
Check the condition of the camera

Step 4: Check the quantity

You must check whether the product you want to buy is still available or out of stock. Does it have enough quantity for you to buy if you want to buy with a large quantity?

In the example, the camera is still available and the maximum quantity is 12 cameras. 

Check the quantity
Check the quantity

Step 5: Check the price

This can be the most important step and is considered by the majority of buyers. Since eBay is an e-commerce platform, it has numerous retail stores that provided the same product, same quality, but at different prices. You must check the price and compare it to other stores to find the one that has a reasonable price to buy. 

Check the camera’s price
Check the camera’s price

Step 6: Decide whether to buy the item or not

After checking all related information about the item, it is the time you decide whether to buy this item or not. 

  • If you certainly want to buy, just click the button “Buy It Now”. 
Buy the camera
Buy the camera
  • If you are still considering, click the button “Watch”. Besides, this helps you notice whenever the price of the product fluctuates.
Add the camera to the watch list
Add the camera to the watch list
  • If you decide to buy this item and want to buy other things, click the button “Add To Cart” to add this item to your shopping cart, and then you can search for other products to buy. 
Add the camera to your cart
Add the camera to your cart

Step 7: Fill in the shipping information

You will choose where the product will be shipped to. In this situation, we are ordering a camera from eBay shipped to Vietnam so that we will fill out the address information in Vietnam.

Shipping information
Shipping information

Step 8: Check for the estimated delivery time

When you completed your shipping information, you will see that there is an estimated delivery time that is shown under the shipping information, in the review item and shipping box. Depending on where you want to ship the product, the estimated delivery time can be long or short. 

One more thing you should concern about is the shipping fee. Some products may have shipping fees while others are free shipping. The fee of shipping to other countries can be a bit expensive based on specific situations.

Estimated delivery time
Estimated delivery time

In this example, since we want to deliver the camera to Vietnam, the delivery time can be a bit long, but luckily you do not need to pay the shipping fee. 

Step 9: Check the returns policy

This is important since in case of there is something happens with the product you order, you can contact the seller to resolve the problem or change to another similar product or return it.

There are terms that you should notice:

  • Excepted, the buyer pays for return shipping: It means the problem is accepted, and the customer will pay for the return shipping.
  • Day exchange, buyer pays return shipping: It means purchasers are paid after the day of delivery, and they pay for return shipping. 
  • Not accepted, No returns: Returns request is not accepted.
  • Day money back, buyer pays return shipping: The purchaser must send the money back within days of the seller returning it, and the customer pays the return shipping costs.

Step 10: Buy the product

After checking everything related to the item like the product information, shipment, payment methods, ratings, etc., it is the time you make the final decision whether to buy it or not. 


Through this post, we believe that you have found the answer to your question which is “Does eBay ship to Vietnam?”. Just spend some time reading through the shopping eBay guidelines so that you will see it is not difficult at all. When you understand it clearly, you will be much more confident in buying products on eBay.



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