Effective sales experience on Tiki for beginners

Tiki is one of the largest e-commerce platforms with the third largest number of visits in Vietnam. Owning a booth on Tiki is essential because it will help your brand benefit from the trust of Tiki floor. In today’s article, we will share with you the sales experience on Tiki so that it is effective, selling the most orders.


Sales policy on Tiki you need to note

Each e-commerce floor will have different sales policies, and if you are a newcomer to Tiki or are planning to open a store on Tiki, you should learn about Tiki’s policies to have a sales plan. better goods.

Policy on fee


Is there a fee to open a store on Tiki? The answer is no. You will not spend any money when opening a store or sending goods through Tiki’s warehouse, but also Tiki supports to complete the content for the first 100 products.

However, Tiki will receive a part of the partner’s profits based on 3 main fees: “Discount”, “Payment” and “Return”.

  • Discount: The commission fee depends on the business partner’s product portfolio.
  • Payment: 1% on each successful order, this is the card transaction fee or collect COD on every order.
  • Refund fee: You will pay Tiki with a fairly cheap price of 20,000 VND/product. When the order belongs to the category of bulky goods, the delivery fails.

Permissions are required to open a stall on Tiki


Currently, according to the provisions of Article 6 of Decree 124/2015/ND-CP on sanctioning of administrative violations in commercial activities, production and trading of counterfeit and banned goods and protection of rights of people If you are a consumer, you must have a business license, otherwise you will be fined up to 20,000,000 VND. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for Tiki to require a business license when selling on Tiki, both to ensure the legal status of shop owners on Tiki as well as to ensure business operations. business is not interrupted.

When selling on Tiki, the following licenses are required:

  • For businesses registered to sell on Tiki, a copy of the business registration license is required.
  • For business households registering to sell with Tiki, they need: A copy of the business household registration certificate, a copy of the tax code registration certificate.

Packaging and delivery policy


There is a difference when selling on Tiki compared to selling on Lazada or Shopee is that the goods will be concentrated in a Tiki warehouse and then delivered to another place. Tiki currently has more than 10,000m² of warehouses in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City is built to be suitable for storing all kinds of items, helping you to preserve goods during the business process. Therefore, your goods are always guaranteed and delivery time is always faster than other e-commerce floors. This is also one of the reasons why customers like to shop on Tiki.

In addition, Tiki is also responsible for packaging to help you save money on supplies, but the goods delivered to customers are always neat and beautiful.

Forms of booth registration on Tiki

When selling on Tiki, there will be 3 types of stalls for you to choose from depending on the conditions:

  • Domestic sellers: For Vietnamese businesses/households.
  • Genuine Booth: For Brand Owners, Manufacturers, Authorized Distributors.
  • International sellers: For sellers with warehouses in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan.

4 steps to sell on Tiki effectively

To compete with other stores on Tiki, you must have a clear plan, then follow each step.

Optimizing product images when posting on Tiki


In order for the product to be approved quickly, when posting pictures, you need to pay attention to ensure the following factors:

  • Product images need to have a white background, showing the entire product, without losing corners.
  • The picture is clear, no blur/broken, no logo/watermark…
  • Do not use a jigsaw.
  • Fashion: 5 x 7 ratio, standard size 643 x 900 px.
  • Other sectors: 1 x 1 scale, minimum size 600 x 600 px – maximum 900 x 900 px.

How To Run ads on Tiki


Tiki Ads is an advertising tool on Tiki that helps sellers reach millions of potential customers who are online on Tiki according to the right people, at the right time.

If you are having problems like:

  • The product has not yet attracted many views.
  • Product identification, low store.
  • Measure interest.
  • Hesitantly choosing tools to push orders, increase sales.

Using Tiki Ads is one of the ways to help solve inventory problems and increase customer reach. You can choose from 2 types of ads:

  • Product Ads: are set up according to 2 types of goals (by Keyword & by Category) and displayed respectively at HOT positions on Tiki web version, mobile web and mobile app.
  • Display Ads.
  • Package of Synchronous banners (Companion Banner).
  • Increase brand awareness at Product Details page through 2 locations:
    +Below the product profile picture (360x120px)
    +To the right of the Details section (300x600px)
  • Targeting Mechanism: Can target by category & specific brand.

Savings banner package (Economy Banner):

  • Banner displays throughout Home/Deal/Search/Product detail & Category Pages.
  • Mass targeting mechanism.

Join Flash Sale campaigns


Similar to other e-commerce platforms, Tiki is one of the most “expensive” platforms when inviting celebrities as avatars, starting from MVs for singers to advertise monthly promotional campaigns to attract users. purchase above here.

Therefore, you should take advantage of this opportunity by participating in Flash Sale strategies to reach more customers and improve sales.

Especially new stores should not ignore flash sale because this is an opportunity to increase store recognition extremely well.

Reference: Flash sale great pricing technique to win the first round



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