B2B & Retail Fulfillment

We assist businesses in rapidly conquering the intricate obstacles of retail distribution and wholesale fulfillment. Our advanced EDI-compliant technology enables you to leverage the extensive capabilities of B2B, allowing you to worry less and expand more.

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Discover why retailers & businesses chose EFEX for fulfillment solution


Cost savings for your business


Increase in average order value


Increase in customer retention


EDI Compliant


B2B & Retail Fulfillment Process

More opportunity. More deals. Less intricacy.

Why Evolve Withefex

  • More efficiency

    Make use of our long-standing operational expertise to minimize up to 59% RTO losses and 100% weight discrepancies.

  • More scalability

    Our expansive storage capacity & advanced features combined with proprietary WMS & OMS software allow you to manage everything (order, inventory, spikes in demand, etc.) easily and effectively.

  • More coverage

    Enjoy multichannel & cross-border fulfillment for all your B2C, B2B & marketplace orders across our widespread network.

  • More customization

    Whether you need customized packaging or storage solutions for your business, we are on it, even making it better than expected!

Why evolve with Efex
Why evolve with Efex

Maximize profit with EFEX’s B2B & Retail Fulfillment


Multi-channel fulfillment on multi-market

  • Multi-channel

    Utilize barcode or QR scanning and automated sorting to accurately put away in the right location, and pick and pack items in multi-warehouse on multi-market.

  • Multi-channel

    Handle over 10,000+ omnichannel orders punctually to achieve 100% SLA in all steps as a commitment to customers.

  • Multi-channel

    Quickly distribute orders to customers' doors by choosing the best of 50+ delivery partners all over the world.


Pay as you really go

  • The cost for B2B & retail fulfillment service is negotiated & flexible, based on the number of orders you set. With transparent billing, you only pay for what you use, and there are no hidden fees or additional costs.

  • Choose the most appropriate plan for each order type, depending on businesses's sales strategies.

Maximize profit


Continuous supply chain forecasting & flexibility

  • Maximize profit

    The inventory needs & trends forecasting function allows B2B companies to maintain the necessary stock levels.

  • Maximize profit

    Businesses can decide on the budget and number of products that should be imported into warehouses, to avoid jamming storage space and save much warehouse costs.


Powerful self-built Warehouse Management System

  • Warehouse management system

    Track everything regarding fulfillment, including orders, packages, inventory, and delivery in one location.

  • Warehouse management system

    The EDI compliance ensures the process goes smoothly, giving retailers the capacity to exchange documents with their partners in a standard electric format.

 Warehouse management system


Automatically & centrally manage orders

  • Seamlessly integrate with all sales channels or any designated point of contact. Automatically push orders to our built-in Order Management System for central management WITHOUT FEE.

    Management order
  • Daily sales revenue, KPIs, and sales forecasts segmented by channels are highlighted on a single dashboard.

    Management order


Route optimization

  • Our exclusive software automatically suggest the shortest route to put-away and pick goods at the right locations to increase order picking accuracy.

  • Determine the best path for delivery to distribute orders as quickly and effectively as possible.

Route optimization
Special services


Special services for unique needs

  • Personalize buyer's experience by adding special services like customized packing, kit multiple SKUs into one bundle, etc.

  • Designing separate storage space in multi-warehouses to meet your unique demands, which is suitable for your goods industry.


B2B & Retail Fulfillment Capabilities

  • Powerful self-built WMS software

    Powerful self-built WMS software

  • 10.000+ order processing per day

    10.000+ order processing per day

  • EDI compliance for multiple retailer support

    EDI compliance for multiple retailer support

  • 50+ international & domestic carrier integration

    50+ international & domestic carrier integration

  • 20+ fulfillment centers worldwide

    20+ fulfillment centers worldwide


Multi-channel fulfillment for business & retail distributors

Fulfill "everything" orders for existing and new channels as your business grows

Assist 1000+ businesses & retailers to grow the extra mile

EFEX's gained our trust as they care and dedication to each order. They quickly to all our requests. From partner & supplier management to cross-border shipping , EFEX is truly an indispensable partner for retailers looking for an efficient fulfillment solution.



Supply chain manager at Ezbuy


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