Bonded Warehouse Services

Offer a safe haven near the Vietnamese boundary for goods, duty and tax unpaid until customs procedures are completed, with unexpected benefits at the most cost-effective.

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What makes EFEX’s Bonded Warehouse unique

Footprint of bonded warehouses throughout Vietnam

Convenient geographical locations

Our bonded warehouses nationwide are strategically located in close proximity to airports and ports, facilitating the efficient handling of import and export procedures for goods.

Store restricted for an extended period

Allow storing sensitive and restricted items for up to 5 years while ensuring and getting approvals on the proper documentation needed. Essentially anything from small products to bulk items.

Best-in-class facilities

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Large warehouse area with two-level security, 24/7 CCTV

With ample warehouse space of up to 15,000 square meters and modern equipment, EFEX gives businesses room to safely store inventory near borders while minimizing transport and handling costs.

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Flexible storage solutions for diverse goods

Establish favorable conditions for the storage of a wide range of goods, including restricted items, with extended storage periods that provide importers with extra time to manage documentation and meet legal requirements.

Pay as you go

Pay for what you really use

Pay-as-you-go warehousing solution allows businesses to respond quickly to fluctuating consumer demands, facilitating the reduction of storage fees and operating costs in case the demand drops.

Flexible & negotiated cost

The warehouse cost can be flexible, depending on the demands of businesses. The more cubic meters the business wants to hire for storage, the less fee they have to pay!

Enjoy duty-free

Wave goodbye to hefty expenses on duties and taxes for storing goods at airports or ports. With our customs bonded warehouse, you can defer duty-free and taxes until your goods are ready for release.

Prompt customs clearance
Digital documents
Digitalizing documents enables faster processing, facilitates document retrieval, and minimizes the risk of document loss or damage.
Digitalizing documents enables faster processing, facilitates document retrieval, and minimizes the risk of document loss or damage.
Professional & prompt customs clearance
Significantly optimize customs cost
100% shipment visibility at every step

Value added services

Enhance supply chain

Discover the convenience of diverse value-added services, including sorting, labeling, packaging, counting, and distribution, ensuring a seamless entry into the local supply chain.

What do we have in our warehouse

Warehouse area

Warehouse is large enough (1000-3200 SQM) for business to store goods safely.

Forklift truck

Forklift truck offer safety when picking or storing to save time & improve picking inventory.

Drive-in racking

Drive-in racking helps optimize warehouse space, save cost & increase in picking goods exactly.

Barcode scanner

Track specific barcode in real-time without errors as the product moves around the warehouse.

Security camera

Security camera system is installed around the warehouse to monitor goods in warehouse 24/7.


Bulk in truck system can deliver various kinds of goods including oversized or bulky goods on time.

Modern management system

Manage & run warehouse effectively with best-in-class management systems.

Cubiscan electronic scale

Measure package weight & dimensions with 100% accuracy.

High-quality boxes

High-quality boxes ensure the goods are not dusty or damaged during storage & moving.

Our warehouse



Bonded warehouse certificate

Fire fighting and prevention certificate

ISO 27001:2013; ISO 27017:2015

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