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Multi-channel Fulfillment Guide
Distribute inventory among various stores while maintaining precise product counts to prevent both overselling and overstocking.
Allocate orders to the fulfillment center that is the nearest to the final customers to minimize delivery time & cost.
Maintain a first-class & smooth customer experience on multi-channels, especially with a 97% on-time delivery rate.

Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Guide

Compete with fast shipping promises, give buyers quick shopping experience.
Eliminate the possibility of delivery mistakes like delayed, missing, or inaccurate shipments.
Enjoy lower shipping costs in the long run with several outstanding features like distribution orders, allocate inventory, etc.
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Quickly become the first 500+ customers of EFEX and gain access to a comprehensive Order Management SystemFREE, which enables seamless selling across multiple platforms, manage in one place.
Over 1000 customers using our built-in software could save up to 2 hours/day in managing selling.
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Cross-border Fulfillment Guide

Simplify your cross-border shipping with our multimodal services: custom brokerage, value-added services, crossdock, etc. 
Tap into newer markets and reach more potential customers worldwide easily without overspending.
Optimize shipping costs and delivery time thanks to an international network of warehouses.
Customize packages to make the demands or preferences of customers in each country.

Outsourced Fulfillment Guide

Optimize efficiency and Save big
Minimize operational expenses, facilities and software, save up 70% costs and have much time to focus on scaling business.
Efficiency delivered, Profits doubled
Delegate fulfillment operations results in swifter & cost-efficient shipping, precise delivery details, and expanded reach, significantly elevating the overall customer experience.
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Customers who use EFEX’s Fulfillment for 3 years can improve their delivery speeds by 50% 
Pick & Pack Fulfillment Guide
The right pick & pack strategy ensures on-time shipments and exceeds customer expectation.
Quick pick & pack means speeding up order fulfillment activities, which boost efficiency and save time. 
A great WMS software can streamline the process, maximize asset utilization and minimize operational costs. 
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Fulfillment Cost Guide

Whether you're looking for the best solution of in-house or outsourced fulfillment, it would take much high prices if you make these common mistakes.
Common mistakes that cause high fulfillment cost:
Use a manual, outdated fulfillment process with inefficiencies and roadblocks.
Keep the buyers waiting too long for their deliveries.
Take too much effort focusing on fulfillment but not other tasks.
Let's discover the best method to solve these mistakes in minutes.
How to Save Cost on Fulfillment
On average, businesses witness a 30 - 60% savings on their fulfillment costs after adopting FBE 
The ultimate Order Management System guide
What is an Order Management System (OMS)?
An order management system (OMS) is a software platform that tracks sales, orders, inventory and fulfillment. A fully integrated OMS is able to manage sales across channels.
The order management process
A simplified version of an order management process includes steps as followed: 
Customers place an order
The OMS update the data
Data is transferred to warehouse
Fulfillment: pick, pack and ship
The OMS update the data
Customers get the package
Manage returns (if any)
Omnichannel order management
Omnichannel selling has been becoming a significant strategy to boost sales. However, managing orders across channels is a tough task. Let's check out some tips so that you can improve your performance!
Always update the stock level and link it to sales channels.
Take full advantage of integrated software to streamline the process.
Distribute orders to proper fulfillment centers to optimize delivery time and cost. 
Track and manage inventory
Effective inventory management is a key to succeed in selling, how to control inventory correctly and strategically? That’s when the OMS appears to: 
Keep a minimum amount of inventory to avoid overselling.
Ensure inventory quantities are displayed accurately across multiple sales channels and multiple warehouses.
Strictly manage goods expiry to reduce inventory wastage and additional costs associated with returns.
Automate order fulfillment
There are several parts of the order fulfillment process that can be automated:
Automatically push orders through stages of fulfillment, starting from when customers make purchases.
Smart picking list that suggests routes through the warehouse.
Automate the printing of labels or other documentation.
Comprehensive integration
You can’t take full advantage of an OMS if it doesn’t integrate with other software or platforms. Take some notes about integration when it comes to considering a suitable order management system:
Must-have integration: marketplaces, shopping carts, carriers, CRM and accounting. 
Make sure that data transits smoothly between platforms if you don’t want the entire order cycle to get stretched. 
The fact that the integration isn't stated on the website doesn't rule it out. Just send the vendor an email or call them; they'll be pleased to assist you.
Manage customer data
Smart order management is one of the great successes in sales. However, in order to break through and develop sustainably, businesses must know how to manage the world's most valuable resource - that’s Customer Data. An comprehensive OMS can help you do that with advanced features:
Take security seriously in gather customer information (name, age, phone number,...)
Catch, analyse, and forecast customer insights and behaviors to give suitable actions to motivate their buying decisions in the future.
Usually update & validate customer information, remove duplicate or non-existent data.
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Janbox - Buy from Japan
EFEX brings us great business time from all aspects
Mrs. Ngan Tran
Deputy Head of Operations at Janbox
We have chosen EFEX as our fulfillment partner and couldn't be happier with this decision. They not only help us reduce shipping costs but also provide an efficient and reliable warehouse management process. EFEX team is always ready to support and solve any issue quickly.
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