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Offer the world-class shipping with preferred rates from trusted carriers

Increasing delivery success rate up to 98%

We help you eliminate shipping problems and increase your delivery rate up to 98%.

Multi-courier selection

EFEX automatically suggests the best carrier with the most optimal rate and delivery time for you to choose.

Worldwide coverage

Deliver all types of goods from Vietnam to over 220 countries and territories swiftly, only from 7-10 days, depending on the destination.

Expedited customs clearance

Optimize the customs clearance process and meet regulations using the local knowledge of our worldwide teams.

Tracking order status anytime, anywhere

Updates and allows to track the order status of different couriers during shipping process on a dashboard in our innovative software.

Customs clearance service

Completing customs declarations can be complex, and there is room for error but EFEX ensures that there will be not any mistakes causing the delays of your order at the border.

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What does customs declaration at EFEX offer?

Complete customs declaration with just a few steps

Absolutely secure customer information

Significantly optimize cost

Be transparent in all processes and information such as taxes, fees, and charges

Stay up to date with new customs policies

Professional and dedicated staff

Unlock global growth with a few steps

Just some clicks to reach your international goals no matter where you are on your global growth path.

Step 1:

Create a shipment

Create a shipment on our system by filling out basic information about your package.

Step 2:

Choose the courier

Determine which shipping unit is the best based on the price and offers of the couriers we suggest.

Step 3:

Pack your package

Pack & send the item to our warehouse. EFEX ensures the parcel is safe and delivered on time.

Step 4:

Track your order

Track your order status easily with just a few clicks on a single dashboard anytime, anywhere.

Our destinations

EFEX is ready to be your gateway, taking your goods from Vietnam to all over the world at incredibly cost-effective rates.

Delivering for all enterprises ready to take the potential global market

Enjoy many preferred shipping rates

Save up to 80% on charge

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Our partners

We keep long-time cooperation with the leading shipping companies to bring the most optimal and economical option for businesses.


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Over 1000+ businesses trust EFEX as a partner on the way of reaching more potential customers.
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“We would like to bring our products to potential international markets, but we encountered many problems or procedures that needed to be resolved. Then that bottleneck was removed when we turned to EFEX's cross-border shipping service. They make it as simple as shipping items from HN to HCMCThe only difference is that it takes a little longer. We wish we could cooperate with EFEX sooner.”.
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