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Cost of order fulfillment

The expenses vary depending on the number and size of your orders fulfilled per day.
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Shipping charges

Shipping fee relies on whether you fulfill your own orders or use Fulfillment by EFEX (FBE).
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Custom clearance fee

The cost of preserving goods before import or export depends on the quantity of goods and storage time.
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Bonded warehouse rental fee

On behalf of customers processing professionally with Customs Department from A->Z, but the cost is approximately by a service.
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Our fulfillment pricing list
The pricing is applied until 31/12/2024
3000 - 5000
Fees on Regular
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Set up & Receiving
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(Including handling fee, sending to carriers & others)
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Value added services/product
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Supporting platforms to boost your omnichannel selling
Maximize your business potential with flawless assistance
Order management system
Manage multi-channel orders on a single platform.
Control and automatically update inventory in multiple warehouses in real-time. 
Shipping Management System
Connect with the leading carriers on the world in one spot.
Automatically suggest the most suitable carrier with the best rate and fastest time delivery.
API Integration (Unlimited)
Integrate with numerous systems without compatibility requirements.
Synchronize data from various platforms in real-time.
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Shipping fees

Shipping fees are calculated with a keen eye on the size and volume of your packages, ensuring you pay only what's fair for your shipments. This way, you'll always enjoy cost-effective deliveries tailored to your specific needs.
Vietnam domestic shipping
Send a package nationwide within Vietnam
Experience lightning-fast delivery within Vietnam. Get your packages delivered on the same day or within 2 days!
Cross-border shipping
Send a package from Vietnam to all over the world
Door-to-door delivery packages to over 220 countries and territories in just 7-10 days at the most affordable prices.

Other services to enhance your supply chain

Customs clearance fee
EFEX covers the process of preparing and submitting Customs Entry documentation to the destination country. We also offer some value-added services if companies have special needs. 
Bonded warehouse rental fee
The bonded warehouse rental fee would vary based on the business's needs. If you would like to use special services or requirements, the prices will be discussed and agreed upon. 

Frequently asked questions

Explore our frequently asked questions to learn more about Fulfillment by EFEX (FBE) and more.