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<strong class="color_orange_2 fw_superbold">Best Order Fulfillment Solution <br/> <span class="color_brand_primary">For Any Business!</span></strong>

How Efex work?

Why choose us?

One place, endless possibilities

Transparency & optimization in all processes
Strict inventory control and handling
Easy tracking & tracing
High-quality service at a saving cost
Cutting-the-edge technology
Delivery in the same day

Efex's services

Logistics for the business operation become considerably easier with our variety of services.

<span class="color_orange_2">Bonded </span> <span class="color_link">warehouse</span>

Bonded warehouse

All storage problems resolved

A performant WMS
connected to your
Large warehouse network
24/7 physical & CCTV
with access
Various value added
<span class="color_orange_2">Order</span> <span class="color_link">fulfillment</span>

Order fulfillment

Let Efex pick, pack and ship your orders to the hand of customers with our up-to-the-mark order fulfillment solution

Pick & pack, ship
products to your clients
in the same day
Easily integrate &
all your sales channels
Control inventory with
Barcode strictly & effectively
Customized packaging to promote brand
<span class="color_orange_2">Customs </span> <span class="color_link">clearance</span>

Customs clearance

Clear the way through customs and accelerate your border crossings

> 10 years of
in customs
Stay up to date with
new customs policies
Be transparent in all processes
Absolutely secure
customer information
<span class="color_orange_2">Cross-border</span> <span class="color_link">shipping</span>

Cross-border shipping

We’ve got a global network and innovative technology to help businesses reach new markets worldwide

Delivery to more than
220 countries and
Easy tracking & tracing
orders during delivery
Fast shipping time
within 7- 10 days
Professional & quick customs clearance
<span class="color_orange_2">Last-mile</span> <span class="color_link">delivery</span>

Last-mile delivery

Turn the delivery experience into your competitive advantage

Delivery capacity up to
3000 - 5000 orders/day nationwide
Update order status 24/7
Last-mile delivery to 63 provinces across Vietnam within 1-3 days
Multi - courier

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Ready to take your business to the next level?

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