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[FIXED] TikTok 0 views: 3 Reasons and How to Fix it

Ngoc Lee
[FIXED] TikTok 0 views: 3 Reasons and How to Fix it
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Chances are, you've already felt the thrill of TikTok's potential. TikTok has turned into a real money-maker, boasting a whopping 1 billion active users and loads of video views that can lead to more followers and big sales.

But, you might hit a snag now and then. One headache that comes up is the TikTok 0 views. This messes with your plan to boost visibility, keeping your awesome content from reaching your audience.

Don't worry! We've got the solution to crack this issue and make the most out of your TikTok videos. But before that, let's dig into the reasons behind this annoying 0 views TikTok bug!

Why does my TikTok have 0 views? 3 main reasons

TikTok 0 views, as the name suggests, is when your video gets a big fat zero or no impressions. Who wants zero eyes on their masterpiece?

TikTok 0 views bug may come from many causes
TikTok 0 views bug may come from many causes

Yet, zero views on TikTok doesn't always mean you're in trouble. Trying to fix it without knowing why it happened can be a bit like chasing your tail. So, take a sec to figure out "why are my TikToks getting 0 views?". Here are three main causes why your TikTok gets 0 views:

Account-related causes

Before you dive into fixing content-related problems, it's wise to first give your account settings a once-over. Check out these possible reasons:

New TikTok account

First up, if you just set up a new account, don't be surprised if you won't get any views in the initial 2 to 24 hours. TikTok's algorithm needs a little date night with your account info to make sure everything's legit.

Private mode

Private mode means only your followers get to see your video, hiding your content from the wider TikTok community. If your video is feeling invisible to the world, check your account settings and turn Private account mode off pronto!

Once you set private mode, you may get no views from other users except for your followers
Once you set private mode, you may get no views from other users except for your followers


Shadowban is like the TikTok ninja move, and they won't drop you a heads-up if it happens. But if your latest content gets zero views after a day and your videos are stuck in the review period, you might be under the shadowban.

Now you should check your past videos! Did they break any TikTok rules or have low-quality content? It's crucial to fix any issues to remove the shadow ban cloud from your TikTok account.

Spamming behaviors

While TikTok encourages regular posting to keep things fresh and engage your audience, too much posting in a short time could make TikTok see you as a bit spammy. As a result, TikTok will put restrictions on your videos leading to zero views. Therefore, don't go overboard!

Unsafe VPN (Virtual Private Networks)

Changing up VPNs can be a cool move to target a new audience or ride a trend. But, it's another big but, using unsafe VPNs could be why your video's not getting the love. TikTok might catch wind of your not-so-trustworthy connection and limit your video's traction.

Content-related causes

After making sure your account is all good, the next move is to check out your video content. Does your content comply with TikTok's Community Guidelines? If your TikTok videos are stuck at 0 views, you might encounter some content-related issues as follows:

Under video review

When your content is under review, it remains invisible to other users. Hence, it will not get any views or engagement during this period.

The review typically takes 6 to 24 hours, and during that time, your content won't be making the rounds in the TikTok community.

Duplicated content

TikTok's algorithm prioritizes the new and exciting. Duplicated or plagiarized content is basically a no-no and might even be seen as spam. If TikTok sees your video as non-original, it may limit visibility, leaving your videos in the shadows with minimal or zero views.

Sensitive content

If your videos include inappropriate or politically sensitive content, it can seriously mess with your view count. TikTok has these strict rules to keep everyone safe, and if your content breaks them, you might end up with a big fat zero views.

TikTok will inform you of content violation
TikTok will inform you of content violation

Restricted keyword use

Watch your words! TikTok doesn't like certain terms that are explicit, offensive, or just against the rules. If you use these restricted keywords in your video captions, descriptions, and hashtags, your content could go into hiding, giving you that unwanted TikTok 0 views situation.

Low-quality video

Since TikTok is a video-centric platform, visual and audio quality is paramount. That is, TikTok will prioritize content with eye-catching visuals. If your video quality is lagging, expect fewer views and less love on the platform.

Causes related to TikTok itself

If your content is getting likes but no views, don't worry too much. Sometimes TikTok has hiccups in its system, and your account might be facing a view glitch. This issue stops your videos from reflecting new views, causing the count to stay stuck at zero.

How to fix 0 views on TikTok

Take a deep breath and stay calm

The review process might take a while. Or, sometimes the platform might run into glitches or delays in updating video views. So it'd better stay patient and give it some time. Avoid repeatedly reposting the same content, as it could lead to violations or even more delays.

Disable private mode

Make sure your TikTok account isn't set to private. If it is, switch it off to allow your videos to be seen by a wider audience. Follow these steps to turn off private mode:

  • Step 1: Go to your Profile
  • Step 2: Click on the three-line icons located in the top-right corner
  • Step 3: Select Setting and Privacy, then tap on Privacy
  • Step 4: Switch off the Private account mode in the Discoverability section
Disable private mode
Disable private mode

Fixing tech issues with TikTok views

Check for any technical issues with TikTok views, like slow internet connection or app glitches. You can reopen or restart the app to resolve the view glitch.

Besides, if your TikTok is acting up and not showing views, it might be also due to accumulated temporary data. To fix this, clear your cache using the following steps:

  • Step 1: Tap on Profile at the bottom right
  • Step 2: Choose the three-line icon and go to Settings and Privacy
  • Step 3: Tap on Free up space in the Cache & Cellular section
  • Step 4: Choose Clear to clear your cache. Always stick to TikTok rules
Clear TikTok cache for more smooth TikTok experience
Clear TikTok cache for more smooth TikTok experience

Ensure your content adheres to TikTok's Community Guidelines. Avoid using restricted keywords, posting inappropriate content, or engaging in spammy behavior to prevent any restrictions on your views.

It's crucial to be aware of six content types currently restricted by TikTok:

  • Acts of aggression and resentment
  • Harassment and bullying
  • Explicit display of mature content and sexual actions
  • Graphic content
  • Protection of underage users

If you detect any restricted content in your TikTok video, make prompt changes to keep your content in the clear and on TikTok's good side.

Follow TikTok's video quality guidelines

Before you hit that upload button on TikTok, take a moment to make sure your video aligns with these standards:

  • Appropriate Length: Although TikTok lets you make videos up to 3 minutes long, the magic seems to happen with shorter ones. To get more views and keep things snappy, aim to keep your TikTok videos under 60 seconds.
  • Resolution: The ideal resolution for TikTok videos is 1080 by 1920 pixels or even higher. This ensures your visuals stay sharp on any device your viewers are using.
  • Aspect ratio: Stick to TikTok's preferred aspect ratio of 9:16, which is optimized for viewing on mobile devices. Avoid horizontal or square formats to ensure your video fits perfectly on the platform.
  • Keep bitrate high: Ensure top-notch video quality by keeping a high bitrate. For MP4 and MOV files, aim for 1-2 Mbps, and for HEVC files, target 2-4 Mbps on TikTok.
  • Lighting: Use adequate lighting to illuminate your subject and surroundings. Natural light or soft artificial light works best to avoid harsh shadows and ensure clear visibility of your content.
  • Stability: Steady as she goes! Keep your video stable to avoid any shaky shots. Whether you're using a tripod or finding a way to keep your camera steady, it all adds up to a smoother, more polished final product.
  • Clarity and focus: Keep your video clear and in focus throughout. Your subject should stay front and center, clear as day, with no blurry or out-of-focus moments.
TikTok tends to love well-edited, high-quality videos
TikTok tends to love well-edited, high-quality videos

Send a report to TikTok

If the above steps don't do the job, consider reporting a problem to TikTok for more help. Go to Settings and Privacy, select Report a problem, and tap on Submit a report to let TikTok know what's up.

[Secret Weapon] Your first 5 videos on TikTok

TikTok decides the number of impressions your account receives based on your initial five videos. If you're not hitting it off with the algorithm, TikTok might restrict your impressions.

If you've experienced a shift from receiving considerable impressions to none at all, you may have engaged in activities the platform disapproves of. In such cases, you might want to uninstall TikTok and attempt creating a new account.

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How can I enhance my view count on TikTok?

If you've just started your account

Setting up your TikTok account the right way is crucial for getting views on your videos. TikTok checks out new accounts, so doing things correctly from the start is essential to avoid zero views.

As you kick off a new account, remember a few important points:

One TikTok account - one device

If you create multiple accounts, TikTok might think you're using it for business, and your videos could get less attention. Stick to one account per device to make sure your videos get a regular boost from the platform's algorithm.

Find the perfect niche for your content

The perfect niche doesn't mean the popular one. Choose the TikTok niche that feels right for you. When setting up your account, always to choose the category you want to specialize in.

When your videos show up on the FYP (For You Page), it signals TikTok about the suitable placement for your content, increasing the chances of reaching the right audience.

Once you've nailed down your niche, stick to it. Avoid jumping around to different topics as this might confuse TikTok's algorithm and make it harder to get the views you're after.

Be wise in choosing a TikTok niche
Be wise in choosing a TikTok niche

Spruce up your profile

If your TikTok videos aren't getting views, it could be because your profile needs a little tender loving care. Make sure you've got a profile photo and a brief bio that introduces you and highlights what you're all about.

Focus on the right audience

Always keep in mind to direct your content to a specific subgroup of TikTok users. This helps maintain consistency and a tone that connects with your audience.

Once you've cracked that code, sneak a peek at other accounts, catch their vibe, their hashtags, and more. And then, you can use these insights as inspiration for your own TikTok account.

Engage with original or relevant content

Before you drop your first video, here's a tip: engage with other original content. This way, TikTok will be more likely to prioritize your content. If you don't, TikTok might think your account is fake.

TikTok's algorithm figures out what videos to recommend based on your engagement. This goes both ways: it will showcase your videos to an audience similar to yours. Engage with content within your niche tells TikTok about where to promote your videos.

If your TikTok account has been around for a long…

Go with the flow of TikTok trends

Join popular TikTok trends, whether it's dance challenges or inserting trending BGM never puts you behind the fast-paced world. This improves your video's visibility and attracts a wider audience by riding the wave of ongoing trends.

Here's a little boost for you: 61% of TikTok users tend to like brands more when they engage in or start TikTok trends.

Creating a new TikTok trend can make you go viral
Creating a new TikTok trend can make you go viral

Make use of TikTok hashtags

Include popular TikTok hashtags in your captions or comments to give your video views a significant boost, even upping the potential for them to go viral. Additionally, this can also increase the chance of your content showing up in search results and on the Explore page.

Try out TikTok Ads

Explore TikTok ads to connect with a specific audience besides your current followers, broadening your presence on TikTok. Well-designed and promoted ads can increase the chances of users discovering and engaging with your content, leading to higher view counts.

TikTok Ads gives you great help to spread your videos to the community
TikTok Ads gives you great help to spread your videos to the community

Upload multiple videos per day

Posting more frequently increases your chances of being seen. For example, if someone likes your beauty hack video, they might check out your other content.

The good part is that it won't overwhelm your followers' feeds. TikTok's feed setup makes it less intense for your audience compared to posting a lot on Instagram or Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions about TikTok with Zero Views

Is it a good idea to delete and re-upload the video on TikTok?

Unfortunately, there's no clear-cut answer to whether it is a solution for TikTok 0 views. But keep in mind that it's risky, especially if your video was removed for guideline violations. Reuploading could lead to more penalties, including strikes against your account.

Does a TikTok video with 0 views impact my account?

While a single video with 0 views might not significantly affect your account, persistent issues can impact visibility.

Why does my TikTok have 0 views after an hour?

If your video gets 0 views after an hour, it's probably a TikTok glitch or under review. Try troubleshooting by clearing the cache or restarting. Check your content's relevance, and if all's well, wait for the review process.

How do I check for a TikTok shadowban?

TikTok won't notify you if your account has been shadowbanned, but you can detect it through signs like a drop in video impressions, 0 views on recent content, and new posts stuck in under-review mode.

How many videos should I post on TikTok a day?

To avoid spamming, aim for 1 to 4 posts daily. This ensures enough content to engage your audience while allowing space for quality improvement before reaching a broader audience.

The Bottom Line

Alright! You've now known how to fix TikTok 0 views. Don't let this issue be a mood killer! Throw in some tricks to rack up your TikTok video views and see your views skyrocketing like the hottest trend in town.

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