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Carton Flow Rack Systems: Divider, Dimensions

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Carton Flow Rack Systems: Divider, Dimensions
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Carton flow rack system is considered a solution used by many businesses in storing goods. The carton rack helps to optimize the arrangement of goods, the space used in the warehouse is maximized, and because of its scientific nature, the working time of the staff and the number of other costs are also reduced. Be minimized. So what knowledge do you need to know before you want to apply the carton flow rack in your warehouse? You need to understand the definition, how it works as well as the types of carton racks available in the market.

What is carton flow rack?

Definition of carton flow rack
Definition of carton flow rack

The Carton Flow Rack, also known as Carton Live Storage, is a racking system that allows for the storage of multiple cartons and lightweight products. They are considered a solution for saving space and controlling the movement of goods in the warehouse. The Carton Flow Rack system ensures product transfer under the FIFO (First In, First Out) system like the direct pallet racking system.

 Carton Flow Rack is widely used because of the benefits it brings, such as helping to classify the unloading and loading areas to avoid unnecessary intervention, reducing the distance covered in the warehouse, and reducing the time to operate. The system also helps to improve the working condition of some warehouses that still use outdated operating methods. 

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How does carton flow rack systems work?

How do carton flow rack systems work
How do carton flow rack systems work

In the direct carton racking system, the goods will slide in the predetermined directions. Cargo vehicles are slightly inclined rollers that create other fast lanes. These rollers are easy to use and can be adjusted in the direction you want. Therefore, the goods are transported easily and as planned.

Advantages of carton flow rack system

Carton racking systems are being chosen by many businesses as a solution to optimize storage and working space. Because this system brings a lot of benefits such as:

  • Product transfer got easier
  • Order preparation time is shortened
  • Reduces the need for ingredients preparation and stockpiling
  • Helps increase the visibility of products and employees can know the availability of goods in stock
  • Optimize the space used and store more goods
  • Create a perfect product rotation if the FIFO system is applied
  • The passage in the warehouse is unobstructed
  • Important areas such as loading and unloading will have their own entrances, reducing confusion during operation
  • Reduced operating costs through improved storage space
  • You can install taller racks to store products
  • Easy to install in stock
  • Save time for employees and also reduce the amount of labor to save costs
  • Due to the reasonable allocation, employees will save time in picking up and entering goods into the warehouse

Carton flow rack designs

Rack Selective

Rack selective
Rack selective

Selective racking is a heavy-duty type of racking system that is designed for storing products on pallets. Forklifts are used to move, load, and unload the goods. 

These racking systems are commonly used in many industries and can withstand tough storage conditions such as freezing cold temperatures down to -60°C. 

They are durable storage solutions that enable efficient organization and access to products stored on pallets in warehouses and distribution centers.

  • Low cost - cost savings
  • 90-95 percent storage capacity
  • Fits all kinds of forklifts

Double-deep Rack

Double-deep rack
Double-deep rack
  • Floor space used: 60%
  • Possibility to match the same SKU
  • Special forklifts are required to move pallets into deep indoor locations

VNA Rack

VNA rack
VNA rack
  • Floor area used: 95%
  • Merchandise accessibility: 100%
  • Should create a fork to make shipping easier

Shelving Rack

Shelving Rack
Shelving Rack


  • Suitable for light or medium goods
  • Suitable for goods handled by hand
  • Usable floor area: 80%
  • Easy installation and flexible design

Mezzanine Floor Rack

Mezzanine floor rack
Mezzanine floor rack
  • Usually used in light and medium loads
  • Usable space: 85%
  • Can install 2-3 more floors

Accessories and Components 

The Carton flow rack system is used in meeting the needs of storing goods in the warehouse. Therefore, the design will be customized to suit the specifics of the operation in each warehouse. Typically, Carton flow rack systems have input and output profiles, side profiles along with guide rails. 

The versatility of direct storage cartons is also what makes them strong, they can vary specific elements of each field and installation such as platforms, display trays, brakes, systems, separation, etc. 

Components and Accessories of the Carton flow rack system
Components and Accessories of the Carton flow rack system
  • Display trays
  • Galvanized beam
  • Shim
  • Braking area
  • Carton flow rack rollers
  • Separators
  • Galvanized uprights
  • Carton flow rack dividers

Carton flow rack system quality and security

  • ISO 18001: 2004
  • ISO 9001: 2008
  • OHSAS 18001: 2007
  • Galvanized steel corrosion resistance certificate: UNE EN ISO 14713-1
  • Welding certification: UNE EN ISO 3834-2: 2006
  • Galvanized steel reaction to fire: EN 13501-1: 2007

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If you want to optimize the workspace in the warehouse, definitely applying the Carton flow rack will be a good idea. Because it helps to solve problems related to inefficiencies in the warehouse operation, helping you to save costs for raw materials and human resources. Plus, it's also easy to install and move, so you can tailor it to how your business operates. Hope you have a good time with EFEX.

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