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How to International Shipping From Vietnam With Cheapest Cost

Ngoc Lee
How to International Shipping From Vietnam With Cheapest Cost
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For foreigners visiting or residing in Vietnam, sending packages has always been a frequent problem. Thanks to freight forwarders, shipping from Vietnam to overseas destinations is now easier than ever. but it may seem difficult if you are unfamiliar with the procedure. You can speed shipping from Vietnam while minimizing your costs if you are aware of all the necessary requirements. The cost of a shipping container from Vietnam is determined by several factors, including container size, location/port, and shipping mode. 

In this article, we will show you international shipping from Vietnam to anywhere in the world. We also created a list of the top 5 international shipping from Vietnam to help you find out the best solution for you. 

Sending a parcel from Vietnam: How to Do it?

Step 1: Select a Post Office

Using Vietnam Post (VN Post) services is the first thing we would like to advise. In order to provide public postal services and the ability to ship abroad, only Vietnam Post has been designated as a postal operator. It is easy for you to transport items when you can discover their offices all around Vietnam. 

However, not every Vietnamese post office will accept shipments from outside. You can call Vietnam Post, visit the post office in question, or simply go online to Vietnam Post's website and use the search function to find a post office near you.

Step 2: Get ready to mail your items, but do not package them

We should point out that not all of your things will be accepted. Visit the website of VN Post to learn more about their international shipping regulations. There is caution if you intend to send liquids overseas. Even though the policy allows for the shipment of liquids, in practice there is a high likelihood that the post office may refuse to accept your liquid items. 

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is to not wrap any products you intend to ship, as the post office must inspect each package before it is dispatched. 

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Step 3: Fill in The Declaration Form

The officer will provide you with a declaration form to complete with the standard description, pricing, quantity, and address details after properly inspecting your things. Print Vietnam-Post-Declaration-Form-Duong-Global to fill out the form beforehand so you can arrive prepared like just a pro. 

The best part about Vietnam Post is that they'll package and wrap your products for you, allowing you to sit back and unwind.

Step 4: Select a Shipping Method

Proceed to the Cashier Counter once your declaration form has been completed and your package has been fully packed. Next, select a shipping method. The best option to send your cargo is determined by how fast you need it to arrive, as well as its weight and size. You have three major options: by airmail (by Air), by boat (Surface), and by EMS (Express). 

The best price is to ship by boat; however, delivery can take up to 8 business weeks. If your item is not urgent, you can send it via airmail, which takes about 2 business weeks to arrive at most destinations. If you need your package quickly, go with EMS since it arrives at most destinations in just 3 to 5 business days and is the fastest delivery option.

Step 5: Make a payment (Use Cash Only)

When you pay with cash and have completed all the aforementioned processes, the cashier will give you a receipt that includes your shipment information and tracking number. Your package is prepared and ready to leave when you are.

Tips to international shipping from Vietnam

When shipping internationally from Vietnam, it's crucial to leave your package unsealed before bringing it to the post office. Postal workers are required to inspect the contents to ensure no prohibited items like animal fur or military-technical hardware are included. Therefore, it's advisable to review the list of restricted products, conditionally permitted items, and goods requiring export licenses.

Additionally, pay close attention to the size limitations for international shipments. Vietnam Post enforces specific measurements for packages weighing up to 30kg, with the length and largest perimeter not exceeding 3 meters. If you anticipate being away when your packages arrive, make arrangements to have them delivered to a trusted recipient or alternative address.

Top 5 International Shipping From Vietnam

When it comes to international shipping from Vietnam, you have several reliable options to choose from. There are numerous reputable delivery companies, such as Vietnam Post, DHL, and FedEx, that can meet your needs. The top 5 international shipping companies from Vietnam are:

VN Post

As a member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), VietNam Post ranks among the top delivery companies in Vietnam, with extensive expertise in domestic and foreign freight services. With its comprehensive service package, Vietnam Post has long been a reliable option for many consumers.

VietNam Post
VietNam Post

On Vietnam Post's postal network, the global postal service, which comprises letter-post and parcel-post, transports papers and commodities from Vietnam to 192 nations in the UPU via air, surface, and ground directions. Nevertheless, the postal service in Vietnam Post has slightly higher transportation prices than others, but it should be noted that the quality of their service is always improving. 

For sending packages from Vietnam to other countries, there are a number of choices with varying costs, including Express Mail Services (EMS), International Postal Services, and VNQuickpost. Moreover, along with the increasing price, the level of service is constantly growing. The amount you must pay frequently varies according to the location, weight, and size of your package. 

Vietnam Post offers you inquiry compensation rules for unwanted circumstances with all services. For International Postal Services, the deadline for damage investigation is 6 months from the date that was accepted at VNPost service centers and 1 month from the date that the products were delivered to the recipient. After the admitted inquiry day, 3 months pass before the inquiry settlement for charges as well as other contents directly related to the goods. 

According to the actual harm, reimbursement for these services will be due in the event of partial loss, damage, or modification to the entire content. On their websites, Express Mail Services (EMS), International Postal Services, and VNQuickpost all provide more information on inquiries and compensation. When you ship parcels using Express Mail Service, you will also receive extra services such as Delivery at Recipients' Address, Address, and Recipient Name Correction, Cash on Delivery, and Paid on Delivery (EMS). 

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DHL is an international express delivery firm that operates in over 220 nations and territories, offering international deliveries as well as freight forwarding via sea, air, and road, as well as various other specialized logistic services. It has expanded to be one of the largest international corporations, with over 325,000 employees across the globe. 


You can track the progress of your parcel on Track DHL Express Shipments by selecting Express Delivery Services & International Shipping for your cargo. International DHL Express provides a variety of alternatives, ranging from time-sensitive packages to less urgent day-specific solutions. 

Additionally, DHL expands your shipping options by providing you with a vast array of add-on services. Such services include Hold for Collection, Duties and Taxes Paid, GOGREEN Climate Neutral, Extended Liability, Shipment Insurance, and Change of Billing. 

Since DHL may provide insurance covering the amount of loss or damage to the shipment, using its shipping services is generally very safe. But, loss or damage brought on by delays is not covered by shipment insurance. Road Freight Insurance and Air & Ocean Cargo Insurance are the two primary insurance choices. Also, their website allows you to keep track of the progress of your package.


FedEx is one of the world's largest and best international shipping corporations. They provide first-rate shipping services that can handle even the most delicate and fragile things when sent overseas. They can also provide temperature-controlled overseas delivery for perishable and temperature-sensitive commodities.


FedEx, as an international shipper, can offer low pricing and quick shipment times. This is one of the quickest international shipping providers in Vietnam, with overnight and even two-day delivery options available. It is also worth noting that they can transfer perishable and even temperature-sensitive commodities overseas using their climate-controlled shipping services. The rates quoted are reasonable and worthwhile for the money spent. 

For all of its clients, it also guarantees immediate and two-day delivery windows. Every client of FedEx is provided with expedited delivery and effective packing. FedEx offers a variety of services, including as Smart Post, Priority, Home Delivery, Ground Delivery, and more.


When it comes to world shipping firms, UPS is another ubiquitous name. They presently have resources in over 220 nations and territories worldwide. 


UPS offers international shipping for sea and air freight shipments all around the world. If you need to ship domesticated animals, UPS is among the international shipping firms that can help you. They also transport hazardous materials and can deliver practically all postal packages within five days of receipt. 

Besides, UPS provides quick delivery within 5 days of receiving the package at the UPS facility. They do support overnight delivery or even next-day delivery at a larger fee for ultimately getting the things on a priority basis. However, since UPS does not provide temperature control services, you should look for the next shipping carrier if you are sending perishable goods overseas. Their website's facilities provide assistance with overseas shipping tracking, customs forms, and shipment scheduling. 

Overall, UPS is one of the top international shipping companies available because they provide advanced scheduling features as well as a mobile dashboard to view all shipments.


USPS, often known as US Postal Service, has existed since its inception as a simple postal service that sends and receives mail across the United States. 


In terms of shipping, USPS has evolved dramatically and has become a well-known brand. USPS offers a variety of flat-rate boxes to meet the needs of any size business, from small to large, making shipping simple and economical for everyone. The complimentary packing is the finest in the USPS, attracting half of the customers.

As a result, for transporting small to medium or large things at a low cost, USPS is an excellent option. It also delivers on Saturdays and to outlying areas. USPS is not really ideal, even if you think your products are too large or heavy. Additionally, compared to other shipping firms, the travel times are rather long. 

After all, USPS is often the least expensive option among the five major carriers on our list. USPS is the most widely used small order fulfillment solution because it provides the best value in terms of both price and service. 

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EFEX - Cost-Effective International Shipping Solutions from Vietnam

EFEX is one of the leading Cross-border shipping service providers in Vietnam. With an extensive network of logistics partners and years of experience, EFEX offers customers economical solutions for shipping from Vietnam to destinations worldwide quickly, safely and at extremely reasonable costs.

EFEX - International Shipping Solutions from Vietnam
EFEX - International Shipping Solutions from Vietnam

Advantages of using EFEX's services:

  • Save up to 80% in shipping costs compared to sending directly with major carriers
  • Professional staff providing dedicated support from packaging to customs clearance
  • Modern online tracking system with 24/7 shipment status updates
  • Expedited customs clearance ensuring full compliance with regulations
  • Choice of multiple reputable global courier partners
  • Express shipping to countries like the US, Australia, Europe within 5-8 days

Whether you are a large enterprise or an individual, EFEX is your trusted partner to take Vietnamese brands and products global with ease and efficiency. Contact EFEX now to get advice on the most suitable service package for your needs

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When looking for international shipping firms to match your company's demands, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the options. It's always preferable to begin with an estimation of your overall monthly average shipments, as well as how and where they're transported. 

Do you send the majority of them to a specific country? Do you ship mostly domestically and simply require international services on circumstance? Do you like to send packages or freight? These are the kinds of inquiries that can help you find the best international shipping services for your needs. 

We hope you find this post about Vietnam's top 5 international shipping companies useful. Thank you for reading!

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