(2024) What Does Order Status Fulfillment Mean?

Ngoc Lee
(2024) What Does Order Status Fulfillment Mean?
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It can be said that using fulfillment services is an optimal solution for e-commerce retailers or new and small businesses to cut costs and save time. A fulfillment process includes warehousing, manufacturing, packaging products, and shipping products, so you will need to track order status fulfillment to make sure that your order goes to the hand of the customer. 

Thus, let's find out the answer to the question of what does order status fulfillment mean and how its process is right now.

What does order status fulfillment mean
 What does order status fulfillment mean?

What Does Order Status Fulfillment Mean?

For the question of What does order status fulfillment mean, you can simply understand that order fulfillment status means information on whether an order is processed and now wait shipment. Each order fulfillment process will correspond to the subsequent label. 

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Order Status Fulfillment Process

Confirmed Status And Awaiting Fulfillment

When you see the “confirm” status in the tracking slips, it announces that you completed placing an order, and your fulfillment partner will receive yours soon. Afterward, when they received it, your product will be in the status awaiting fulfillment.

In Fulfillment 

If your order is marked in fulfillment or awaiting fulfillment, it means that your order has been processed and is currently being prepared for shipment. Once the fulfillment is completed, it will change to the following stage, delivering to the customer. This order status commonly appears in orders that do not have tracking slips. It combines the fulfilled, confirmed shipment, and delivery process.


When it displays the “fulfilled” notice, it prefers that your order is packed and shipped to the carrier. There are differences between the “fulfilled” and the “in fulfillment”. The word “fulfill” implies your parcels are packed and transported but not yet transferred. The “in fulfillment” word defines the whole order fulfillment, including packing, shipping, and delivering. Meanwhile, if it is marked as unfulfilled, you need to wait for more until the "unfulfilled" status changes "fulfilled" one.

Your Shipment is Confirmed

It means that your order is shipped to your local delivery center in your place. In some other situations, it also means “shipped”. You can understand that your order has left the company's warehouse and is on the way to the local shipping center in your place.


This status shows that your products have been shipped to your fulfillment partner's consolidating centers before delivering them to your customers. However, your shipping orders can be in the below status due to some reasons.

Out for Delivery

It implies that your order is going to be shipped to your customer soon. Unlike shipment or shipping, the delivery word refers to the date when your package will arrive at the customer’s final address.

Attempted Delivery

This status notices that your partner delivered your package to your customers' address, but nobody has received it, so the parcel has been moved back to the local shipping center. As usual, it will commonly be delivered 2 or 3 times before turning back to the supplier.

Delivered Orders/Completed

Your order fulfillment status is here meaning finished. Your customers received their package. If you check the tracking and see the “delivery” status but still cannot receive your parcel, you should contact the supplier's customer support whether it has any problems.

Pending Meaning Waiting For Your Payment

The notification usually happens to orders that require payment before shipment or in order payment status. When your fulfillment partner receives your order without customer order payment, they may announce that they are waiting for your payment to carry out your order via this status. If they still do not receive your payment after a couple of days, the order can be automatically canceled. 


The "Canceled" status indicates that the customer doesn't want to buy the product anymore due to some reasons such as: changing the purchasing decision, changing the address or receiver information,...


The seller or administrator can reimburse the entire amount of an order by using the refund action.     

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FAQs About Order Status Fulfillment

What Are The Differences Between Order Status And Fulfillment Status?

An order will have two statuses: order status and fulfillment status. The order status shows a new order, while the other refers to the entire fulfillment process and is shipped. However, there are some situations that we cannot forecast, so there will be other statuses, for example, “pending,” or "awaiting" which refers to expecting payment, or “canceled” status means the order has been canceled, or more.

Below are some outstanding differences that EFEX gathers to clarify the difference between order status and fulfillment status.


Fulfillment Status vs Order Status
Fulfillment Status vs Order Status


AspectFulfillment StatusOrder Status
DefinitionReflects the specific steps taken to pick, pack, and ship an order.shows an overall order stage of the purchasing process.
PurposeTo ensure the fulfillment process in the warehouse is full of steps and happens exactly and efficiently.To inform customers of the order status until it is delivered.
Responsibilityis determined solely by the service provider's activities.is primarily influenced by actions taken by the customer.
FocusOperational-oriented in the team or seller, detailing the internal process of handling the order.Customer-oriented, showing the progress from order placement to delivery.
Initiationdepends on the completion stage of the shipment.is contingent on the stage of the order in relation to the customer's decisions.
Processesencompasses the entire process, from receiving the order to picking the right product in the warehouse and shipping it to the customer.reflects the stages of the service provider's activities and progress toward order completion.
ExampleItems are being picked 
Order is fulfilled 
Order is sent to the carrier 
Order is placed 
Order is confirmed 
Order is paid 
Order is completed

What Is Order Without Tracking Number?

Tracking numbers are generally used to keep tabs on the status and whereabouts of a package during its shipment. An order lacking a tracking number means that the seller or shipping company hasn't provided a tracking code.

In fact, not all orders have tracking slips on the order tracking system. Thus, in some cases, the suppliers may only send you a “fulfilled” or “in fulfillment” announcement on order status. It implies that your order has been dispatched and is coming to your customer. If the suppliers work with reputable carriers, you can rest assured that your order will be shipped safely.

Order Status Fulfillment
 Order online tracking without tracking number

Outsourcing Order Fulfillment​ Solution - EFEX

Although you can manage every aspect of the fulfillment process on your own, there comes a time when outsourcing a third-party logistics partner becomes practical. Third-party fulfillment services take over supply chain management tasks, such as warehousing, order fulfillment, and shipping so that you can focus more on your business development.

Outsourcing order fulfillment involves hiring a third-party logistics (3PL) company such as EFEX - Ecommerce Fulfillment & Express to oversee parts or all of the fulfillment process. EFEX supplies the necessary infrastructure, technology, and workforce to handle warehousing, picking, packing, shipping, and returns processing.

Outsourcing order fulfillment service from EFEX has more benefits than you think. From that, businesses can leverage these advantages to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Cost Savings: Supports you to significantly reduce the need for significant investments up to 70% of warehouse space, staff, technology, and other resources fees.
  • Scalability: Allows businesses to easily scale up or down based on demand and focus on product development, marketing, and customer service without the complexities of managing warehouse capacity and labor.
  • Expertise: Access to specialized knowledge and experience in logistics, leading to improved efficiency and accuracy in order processing on the same day.
  • Advanced technology: Utilizes state-of-the-art warehouse management system for your inventory management, order tracking, and data analytics. Besides, EFEX also provides an Order Management System FREE for businesses to manage multichannel orders in one place.
  • Faster shipping (7-10 days): Partners with the leading carrier in the world to provide light-fasting shipping options and better carrier rates due to established relationships with the most renowned shipping companies.
  • Improved customer service: Enhances customer satisfaction and leaves an impression with reliable and timely delivery, professional handling, customized packing, and efficient returns management.
  • Global reach: Facilitates international shipping and expansion into new markets worldwide (Vietnam, USA, Philippines, Japan,...) with EFEX’s established global logistics networks.
Warehouse network of EFEX worldwide
Warehouse network of EFEX worldwide

In conclusion

Finally, we hope this article can help you understand what does order status fulfillment mean to track your order or manage order fulfillment conveniently. However, if you need to resolve your fulfillment headache, EFEX- an end-to-end ecommerce fulfillment solution will be the key assistant on your business journey.

EFEX is one of the leading trusted order fulfillment services in Vietnam, which promisingly brings you the best order fulfillment solution to scale your business more thrivingly. Do not wait any more, let’s contact us for a suitable fulfillment solution to make development goals ahead come true.

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