Top 10 Best Vietnam Wholesale Clothing in 2023

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Top 10 Best Vietnam Wholesale Clothing in 2023
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Vietnam's textile and garment industry stands as a key player in the nation's economy, experiencing continuous growth in export value. In 2015, textile exports to the United States surged by over 11%, reaching a notable USD 10.9 billion. With robust apparel sourcing capabilities and a diverse landscape of enterprises, Vietnam boasts a strong and skilled labor force. 

Stay tuned as we unveil our blog post featuring the top ten wholesale clothing companies in Vietnam, highlighting the dynamic and thriving landscape of the industry.

Nha Be Garment Corporation - Joint Stock Company

Nha Be Garment Corporation JSC (NBC) is a Vinatex member. This company specializes in textile goods, raw materials, equipment, machinery, and replacement parts for the textile sector. 

Nha Be Garment Corporation - Joint Stock Company
 Nha Be Garment Corporation - Joint Stock Company

NBC's products such as suits, shirts, trousers, t-shirts... with the brand De Celso, Mattana, Novelty have long been trusted by domestic customers. All of them converge on the advantages of NBC, which are sophistication in material selection, design, and sharpness in design, tailored to best serve Vietnamese consumers. NBC has a wide network of sales points throughout the provinces and cities across the country and a dedicated sales team. 

For many years, consumers have shown their faith in NBC by voting for NBC's products as "High-quality Vietnamese goods". Currently, in addition to meeting domestic needs, NBC is also a partner of Walmart, Costco, and Aoki, with key markets such as the United States, Canada, Japan, the European Union, and ASEAN countries.

  • Website: https://www.nhabe.com.vn
  • Tel: (028) 38720077
  • Address: No.04 Ben Nghe Street, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City (Google Map)
  • Tax code: 0300398889
  • Founded year: 1975
  • Number of employees: Over 30,000 employees

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VietTien Garment Corporation - Vietnam Wholesale Clothing

Viet Tien Garment Joint Stock Corporation was established in 1975. With the mission of constantly improving customer satisfaction with the best products and services, Viet Tien is now one of the leading sports apparel manufacturers in Vietnam. 

Viet Tien Garment Corporation
Viet Tien Garment Corporation - vietnam wholesale clothing

The main business operations of Viet Tien Garment Corporation is one of the largest Vietnam clothing suppliers including producing garment goods, trading garment equipment, materials, and accessories for the garment industry, home electric appliances, and providing import-export services. It carries luxury labels such as Viettien, Manhattan, San Siaro, Smart Casual, and Viet Long. 

Viet Tien offers a diverse selection of items, including shirts, T-shirts, khaki pants, trousers, jackets, pullovers, and sportswear. Besides, it began distributing Skechers shoes in 2017. Its products are also shipped to Japan, the United States, and the European Union. This enterprise will benefit from the involvement of Vietnam in multilateral free trade agreements such as CPTPP and EVFTA.

  • Website: https://www.viettien.com.vn
  • Tel: (84) 83 8640800
  • Address: No.7 Le Minh Xuan, Ward 7, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City (Google Map)
  • Tax code: 0300401524
  • Founded year: 1975
  • The number of employees: Over 16,000 employees

Gia Dinh Textile and Garment JSC - Vietnam Wholesale Clothing

Gia Dinh Textile and Garment Joint Stock Company is Vietnam wholesale clothing manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing cloth cabinets and processing cloth cabinets. 

Gia Dinh Textile and Garment Joint Stock Company
Gia Dinh Textile and Garment Joint Stock Company - Vietnam Wholesale Clothing

 The company's products have cooperated with many famous brands including Garmex Saigon, Gatexim, Bong Bach Tuyet, GDI, Giditex, SJB, and others.

  • Website: https://www.giditexco.com.vn
  • Tel: (84) 28 38214302
  • Address: No. 10-12-14-16 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City (Google Map)
  • Tax code: 0300744507
  • Founded year: 1992
  • The number of employees: Over 1,000 employees

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Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group - Vietnam clothing suppliers

The Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group (VINATEX) is presently Vietnam's largest textile manufacturer. 

Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group
Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group - Vietnam clothing suppliers

It has a charter capital of 216 million US dollars. Besides serving the home market, this corporation has expanded into many other nations across the world, including the United States, the European Union, Japan, Canada, South Africa, South America, Turkey, and Taiwan. It now includes 33 subsidiaries and 34 affiliated companies, totaling 85,000 employees.

  • Website: https://vinatex.com.vn
  • Tel: (84) 24 3825 7700
  • Address: Leadvisors Place Building - 41A Ly Thai To, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam. (Google Map)
  • Tax code: 0100100008
  • Founded year: 1995
  • Number of employees: 85,000 employees

Song Hong Garment Joint Stock Company - Vietnam Clothing Suppliers

Song Hong Garment JSC, founded in 1988, is one of the best Vietnam apparel manufacturers, primarily producing and processing clothing for women, men, and kids.

Song Hong Garment Joint Stock Company
Song Hong Garment Joint Stock Company - Vietnam clothing suppliers

The company has more than 20 production workshops built and centrally managed within Nam Dinh province. It has the advantage of geographical location near airports, seaports, and qualified human resources with competitive costs Song Hong Garment JSC has become a reliable partner of many famous fashion brands around the world. It has partnered with Walmart and Costco for a long time. 

Besides, the company's General Director stated that there were not many orders that were delayed or canceled.

  • Website: https://www.songhong.vn
  • Tel: (84) 2283 649365
  • Address: No. 105 Nguyen Duc Thuan Street, Thong Nhat Ward, Nam Dinh City, Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam(Google Map)
  • Tax code: 0600333307
  • Founded year: 1988
  • The number of employees: Over 11,000 employees

Phong Phu Corporation - Vietnam Apparel Manufacturers

The predecessor of Phong Phu Corporation was Sicovina - Phong Phu Industrial Park under the Vietnam Cotton Industry Company. The first factory was built on October 14, 1964, and officially put into operation in 1966, under the direct management of the old Saigon government.

Phong Phu Corporation
Phong Phu Corporation - Vietnam apparel manufacturers

Phong Phu Corporation specializes in closed-loop manufacture of yarn, textiles, sewing threads, cotton towels, clothing, fashion, and household products. It owns the well-known brands Mollis, Macio, Hai Van, Pelife, and Acom. It also sells textile machines and supplies, as well as chemicals and dyes. 

The corporation presently has three facilities, all of which are built with cutting-edge technology and equipment from Japan, America, and several European nations. Its goods are extensively available in major grocery chains including Coop Mart, Metro,  Big C, Aeon, E-Mart, and others. 

With the motto "all for customer satisfaction", up to now, Phong Phu's customer system has not stopped spreading throughout the country and reaching out to foreign markets such as Europe, the EU, the USA, Japan, Korea, and China.

  • Website: http://www.phongphucorp.com
  • Tel: (84) 28 6684 7979
  • Address: No.48 Tang Nhon Phu, Ward 3, Ward Tang Nhon Phu B, City. Thu Duc, City. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Google Map)
  • Tax code: 0301446006
  • Founded year: 1964
  • The number of employees: Over 1,000 employees

Hanoi Textile and Garment JSC- Vietnam Apparel Manufacturers

Hanoi Textile and Garment Corporation (HANOSIMEX), formerly known as Hanoi Yarn Factory (German Yarn), was established on November 21, 1984. 

Hanoi Textile and Garment Joint Stock Corporation
Hanoi Textile and Garment Joint Stock Corporation - vietnam apparel manufacturers

Over 30 years of establishment and development, until now, HANOSIMEX has 8 joint-stock companies, and 4 member factories with nearly 4500 employees. HANOSIMEX is a large corporation located in the supply chain of yarn, knitting, and the garment of VINATEX with manufacturing plants in Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Hung Yen, Ha Nam, Nghe An, Ha Tinh, and other provinces. 

Besides, the company’s export markets include the USA, Japan, EU, Korea, and Taiwan.

  • Website: https://www.hanosimex.com.vn
  • Tel: (84) 24 38621225
  • Address: Nam Hai LakeView Building (Floor 8) Lot 9A, Vinh Hoang Urban Area, Hoang Van Thu Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi(Google Map)
  • Tax code: 0100100826
  • Founded year: 1984
  • Number of employees: Over 4,500 employees

Thanh Cong Textile and Garment JSC - Vietnam Apparel

Thanh Cong Textile and Garment Joint Stock Company, formerly known as Tai Thanh Textile Industry Company, was established in 1967. In July 2006, changed its operating form into Thanh Cong Textile and Garment Joint Stock Company. 

Thanh Cong Textile Garment - Investment - Trading JS Company (TCM)
Thanh Cong Textile Garment - Vietnam Wholesale Clothing

Thanh Cong Textile Garment Joint Stock Company is one of the leading enterprises in the wholesale clothing market in Vietnam, an enterprise trusted and chosen by customers around the world. During the past 6 decades, Thanh Cong has always strived to create good cooperative relationships with partners on the basis of mutual benefits, constantly developing its business activities, and bringing customers products and services of the best quality. 

TCM brand is officially registered trademark for exclusive protection by Thanh Cong Group provides domestic consumers with fashion products & uniforms based on soft, cool, and breathable 100% cotton spandex material. high humidity. 

Besides, the Group's fashion division focuses on casual wear, especially it is also Vietnam wholesale women's clothing. Besides, it also manufactures accessories, innerwear, and footwear. The Group has 60 national brands and 40 private brands in its brand portfolio. Among the Group's brands are Teenie Weenie, Ellesse, Berghaus,  New Balance, and Marie Claire.

  • Website: https://www.thanhcong.com.vn
  • Tel: (84-8) 3815-3962
  • Address: 36 Tay Thanh Street, Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City (Google Map)
  • Tax code: 0301446221
  • Founded year: 1967
  • The number of employees:  Over 5,000 employees

March 29 Textile Joint Stock Company (Hachiba) - Vietnam Apparel

March 29 Textile Joint Stock Company (Hachiba) was established in 1976, formerly a textile complex. The company's export turnover in 2019 reached more than 62 million USD.

March 29 Textile Joint Stock Company (Hachiba)
 March 29 Textile Joint Stock Company (Hachiba) - vietnam apparel

The company is one of Vietnam's leading wholesale clothing suppliers, specializing in the manufacturing and trade of cotton towels and garments. Key export markets include the United States, the European Union, and Japan. 

With over 3,700 employees and 8 factories currently in operation - consisting of 5 apparel factories, 2 clothing manufacturing facilities, and 1 cotton towel mill - the company has established itself as a major player in the global textile and garment industry.

Currently, the company's cotton towels are supplied to more than 1,000 hotels and luxury resorts in Da Nang and neighboring provinces and cities.

  • Website: https://hachiba.com.vn
  • Tel: (84) 236 3756 999
  • Address: 60 Me Nhu, Thanh Khe Tay, Thanh Khe, Da Nang, Vietnam (Google Map)
  • Tax code: 0400100457
  • Founded year: 1976
  • The number of employees: Over 3,700 employees

Dong Nai Garment Corporation (DONAGAMEX)- Vietnam Wholesale Clothing Manufacturer

Dong Nai Garment Corporation is a member of the Vietnam Textile and Garment Group (VINATEX) under the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Dong Nai Garment Corporation (DONAGAMEX)
Dong Nai Garment Corporation (DONAGAMEX) - vietnam wholesale clothing manufacturer

This corporation has more than 45 years of experience in garment manufacturing and trading for export and domestic consumption; trading in equipment, spare parts, and products of the textile industry. In addition, it has more than 3 years of experience in the production of medical equipment for epidemic prevention and medical masks. DONAGAMEX is always looking for opportunities for integration and development. 

Thanks to the team's best efforts, the company has reached new heights and affirms Donagamex's brand in the domestic and foreign garment industry. 

Being proud to be a 100% Vietnamese company that can create nonwoven products that fully meet international standards and services for export, DONAGAMEX’s products have been present in the markets of countries: Japan, the USA, Europe, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, and Russia for many years now.

  • Website: http://www.donagamex.com.vn
  • Tel: 1900 999 975
  • Address: Road No. 2 - Bien Hoa 1 Industrial Park - Bien Hoa - Dong Nai - Vietnam (Google Map)
  • Tax code: 3600506058
  • Founded year: 1974
  • The number of employees: Over 2,000 employees


In recent years, Vietnam has emerged as one of the world's top textile and garment exporters, with the fastest expanding production. Thus, dealing with garment manufacturers in Vietnam will undoubtedly provide you with a number of advantages in terms of quality, cost, and lead time. We believe that our ranking of the top 10 Vietnam wholesale clothing companies provides you with an insight into those companies as well as their potential growth. 

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