Top 10 Vietnam Wholesale Websites in 2024

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Top 10 Vietnam Wholesale Websites in 2024
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Wholesale or wholesaling is a business form in which sellers import large quantities of products at original or highly discounted prices. If importing goods in large quantities, the cost is lower and the profit is higher. So, instead of retailing, many people have built a wholesale system to increase their income. The wholesale website is one of the giant warehouses for the business world. 

Here, traders can find a wide variety of products from fashion items and electronics to household items. All business needs are best met in many price segments. Hunting in the list of Top 10 vietnam Wholesale Websites in 2024 below is a good choice for you. 

Thitruongsi.com - #1 Vietnam Wholesale Websites

With the scale of a large and reputable online wholesale market, Thitruongsi.com the vietnam wholesale market online has facilitated and connected buyers - wholesalers together in the most convenient and useful way. Up to now, there have been more than 550,000 sellers. The wholesale market has been evaluated and listed in the list of 1 of the websites selling wholesale prices. 

There are many factories specializing in wholesale hot girl clothes in Vietnam. The website has provided additional purchases on Google Play and AppStore. Therefore, it has become much easier to view goods and choose from buyers. 

Thitruongsi.com - vietnam wholesale

 Contact information:

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Banbuontonghop.com - Wholesale In Vietnam

Banbuontonghop.com is known as a place to connect and trade for large wholesale needs. On this page, you will find a very large amount of goods to search for the business. If you don't know how to make money at home and sell products from home on this site, their variety is also appreciated. Currently, Banbuontonghop is a channel for those who are seriously looking for potential business opportunities. 

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Nhaphangsieutoc.com - Vietnam Wholesale Suppliers

Nhaphangsieutoc is a wholesale channel that is considered a professional in the field of importing Chinese goods. It has been and is being rated nearly 5 stars by many customers for most of its services and activities and is a site that gives customers a safe choice when buying, selling, and doing business. Nhaphangsieutoc can support products on reputable Chinese websites such as Taobao, tmall.com, or 1688. com. 

This website has gradually become one of the largest product supply marketplaces today. Popular items on this website can be mentioned as men's and women's clothing, children's supplies, backpacks, furniture, and electronics. This online marketplace specializes in providing the following services:

  • Search for products according to customer tastes from the leading large retail and wholesale websites in China.
  • Place your order and check the goods carefully.
  • Packed, fast shipping.
  • Support service to return damaged products, complaints

Main industries such as:

  • Women's Fashion
  • Men's Fashion
  • Baby items
  • Interior
  • Electronic.
Nhaphangsieutoc.com - Vietnam Wholesale Suppliers

Contact information:

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Thegioisi.vn - Vietnam Wholesale Website

Launched in 2017, Thegioisi has set a record with 70,000 visitors and transactions. However, in the face of serious competitors, Thegioisi has flexibly transformed in the direction of focusing on wholesale distribution of specialized beauty and health care products. Therefore, this website quickly attracts a certain number of customers such as online sellers, pharmacies, spas, salons, nail salons, cosmetic stores, etc. 

Currently, Thegioisi is cooperating with leading cosmetic and health care brands such as Dr. Helens, Estee Lauder, M.A.C, L'Oreal, Ohui, Shiseido,… This channel wishes to become an important link for the supply chain of high-quality, wholesale counterfeit products. This website has gradually built its reputation in the online business race.

Thegioisi.vn - Vietnam Wholesale Website

Contact information:

Bachhooder.com - Vietnam Wholesale

If you need to source goods from China, Guangzhou, Bachhooder.com is an option not to be missed. This website's Guangzhou wholesale import fee is only 1%. Especially, for VIP members, the site's incentives are huge. This makes it possible for people to get a cheap source of goods to start their business. Contact information:

Chipo.vn - Wholesale In Vietnam

If you don't have time to go to China to hunt for goods, Chipo is a unit specializing in buying Chinese goods. You will be comfortable choosing to buy goods on the wholesale website Chipo.vn without worrying about having to spend a lot of "fees" of all kinds. With a purchase fee of 3% for small orders, and 1% for large orders. 

Because of this advantage, Chipo is also developing very quickly through diverse applications to simplify the process for customers.

Banbuonsieure.com - Vietnam Wholesale Suppliers

If you are a beginner in online business, Banbuonsieure website is the optimal choice for you right now. The website offers a variety of products such as household appliances, accessories - fashion clothes, cosmetics, and children's toys. At Banbuonsieure, you have the opportunity to own quality products at competitive prices if you buy in bulk. 

A plus point for Super Cheap Wholesale is that this website regularly updates hot trending products, suitable for holidays and Tet. However, in order to own products at a reasonable price, you need to enter at least 8 items, each item is at least 5 units (piece/piece). 

Banbuonsieure.com - Vietnam Wholesale Suppliers

Main wholesale industry:

  • Houseware
  • Mother and baby items
  • Technological
  • Gift
  • Fashion
  • Beautify
  • Beauty instruments
  • Belly belt gene
  • Underwear
  • Bra
  • High-quality women's underwear
  • Man underwear
  • Women's panties
  • Wax roses.

Contact information:

Nhaphangsaigon.com - Vietnam Wholesale Website

This is a professional wholesale website in the field of importing and distributing all kinds of goods from China to Vietnam. The items purchased and sold here have full information in Vietnamese to maximize convenience for shoppers to choose and decide. You can order with 3 large websites:

  • 1688.COM

This website aspires to become a leading import-export company in Vietnam, a means of connecting domestic and foreign markets (especially China). Importing Saigon has conquered most of those who intend to do business and sell products online with their proactive, friendly, and professional working style. 

Contact information:

Muamuabanban.net - Vietnam Wholesale

Muamuabanban allows sellers to sell products, open a store for life, and be completely free. In particular, this website supports users very well in promoting and connecting with buyers. Therefore, Muamuabanban is considered a large wholesale website with many benefits. Whether you want to buy goods at wholesale prices or sell goods at wholesale prices, this website can effectively meet your needs. 

Contact information:

  • Hotline: 083 417 3350
  • Website: https://Muamuabanban.net/

Chosi.vn - Wholesale In Vietnam

Goods on the vietnam wholesale market online Chosi.vn are very diverse, coming from many places. When accessing this sales website, you can find goods from many different industries. Such as electronics, food, consumer, agriculture, furniture… In particular, Online Wholesale Market helps viewers to compare prices of goods very effectively. Thanks to that, people can easily compare and choose the product with the best price. 

Contact information:

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The top 10 reputable Vietnam wholesale websites for businessmen that we share with you are selective with many years of experience and stable sources in terms of design, and quality. Through the above article, we hope you will choose a site that provides satisfactory wholesale products.

In summary, Vietnam's rapidly digitizing wholesale sector, coupled with e-commerce enablers, creates a unique proposition for overseas companies. Retailers can drive greater revenues and margins by exporting to and selling wholesale in Vietnam. Efex provides the platform to streamline sourcing, importing and distribution - making business expansion highly accessible for brands targeting Vietnam's wholesale space.

 If you have any questions or concerns about our Sell in VIetnam service, please contact us for quick answers.

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