Top 10 Vietnam Wholesale Nike Shoes in 2023

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Top 10 Vietnam Wholesale Nike Shoes in 2023
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Nike (NKE) is the world's leading retailer of sports footwear and clothing. Product design and development, marketing, and sales are the core of its operations. 

Nike dominates in popular product categories like running, basketball, soccer, training, the Jordan Brand, and apparel. With a global workforce of 75,400 and 1,100 retail outlets worldwide, Nike reported a substantial $37.4 billion in sales for the fiscal year 2020. 

The brand sources from 122 manufacturers in 12 countries, with Vietnam, Indonesia, and China leading in producing 50%, 24%, and 22% of Nike Brand footwear in fiscal 2020, respectively. 

Additionally, Nike collaborates with 329 apparel manufacturers across 38 countries. China stands out as the major contributor at 28%, followed by Vietnam at 23%, and Thailand at 12%.

Today, we'll uncover the top 10 wholesale Nike shoe suppliers in Vietnam, offering a glimpse into this dynamic market.

Chang Shin Vietnam Co., Ltd. - Vietnam Wholesale Nike Shoes

Chang Sin Vietnam Co., Ltd is a 100% Korean-owned firm that specialised in producing Nike shoes. Since 1995, the company has been operating in Vietnam.

 Chang Shin
 Chang Shin - Vietnam Wholesale Nike Shoes

There are now around 26,000 employees. The main plant, which can produce around 60,000 pairs of shoes each day, is located in Thanh Phu Commune, Vinh Cuu District, Dong Nai Province (50km from Ho Chi Minh City). The Vietnamese government gave the firm the 3rd class Labor Medal, as well as several additional awards of honor for social activities, environmental protection, occupational safety, and effective execution of state regulations.

  • Website: changshin.com
  • Tel:  (+84) 251 3865 201
  • Tax code: 3600265469
  • Founded year: 1995
  • Address: Thanh Phu Commune, Vinh Cuu District, Dong Nai Province (Google Map)
  • Number of employees: From 501 to 1,000 employees

Freetrend Industrial Vietnam Co., Ltd. - Vietnam Wholesale Nike Shoes

Freetrend Industrial is a footwear manufacturer based in Taiwan. Freetrend is a multinational enterprise that has expanded its factories through China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. 

 Freetrend Industrial Vietnam
 Freetrend Industrial Vietnam - vietnam wholesale nike shoes

In July 1997 Business expanded to Linh Trung Export Processing Zone I, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Freetrend has become one of 11 Vietnamese footwear firms included in the 2016 and 2020 lists: Vietnam's Top 100 Sustainable Businesses.

  • Website: www.freetrend-group.com
  • Tel:  (+84) 28 3729 0500
  • Tax code: 0312138807
  • Founded year: 1979 in Taiwan, 1997 in Vietnam
  • Address: Lot 1-4-10-13,26-37 E. No. 3 Linh Trung II Industrial Park-Export Processing Zone - Binh Chieu Ward - Thu Duc City (End of HL) - Ho Chi Minh City. (Google Map)
  • Number of employees: Around 15,000 employees

Vietnam Chingluh Shoes Co., Ltd. - Vietnam Wholesale Nike Shoes

Ching Luh Group was officially established in 1969 in Taiwan. After a long way with 24 years of establishment and development, Ching Luh has expanded to invest in countries such as China, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

 Ching Luh - Vietnam Wholesale Nike Shoes

Today, Ching Luh has more than 80,000 employees and is one of the world's leading sports footwear groups, manufacturing globally for famous brands such as Adidas, Nike, Mizuno, FootJoy, and Reebok. The company is committed to customers by producing top-quality sports shoes through people development, technological innovation, and service excellence.

  • Website: http://chingluh.com
  • Tel:  (+84) 272 3631 888
  • Tax code: 1100555173
  • Founded year: 1969
  • Address: Thuan Dao Industry Park, Ben Luc County, Long An Province (Google Map)
  • Number of employees: More than 80,000 employees

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Tae Kwang Vina Industrial Joint Stock Company - Vietnam Nike Wholesale

Tae Kwang Vina Industrial Joint Stock Company is a 100% foreign-owned (Korea) company that specializes in producing and exporting Nike-branded men's and women's sports shoes.

 Tae Kwang Vina - vietnam nike wholesale

Tae Kwang Vina Industrial Joint Stock Company has achieved a considerable foothold in the Vietnamese market through years of constant efforts and expansion. The firm was chosen as a prestigious import-export enterprise in 2007 by the Ministry of Industry and Trade for its high-quality goods that fulfill ISO 14000 international standards. 

With its primary business being footwear, Tae Kwang Vina has invested a lot of effort into finishing the automation system and designing trial production lines to serve the task of manufacturing samples and meeting the demands of customers. 

In addition, the business completed a project in Nhon Trach, Dong Nai, to develop an urban area with a capital investment of 290 million USD. Taekwang Vina Industrial expects to finish phase 1 of the power plant, which has a capacity of 1200MW by 2017, and phase 2 of the power plant, which has a capacity of 1200MW, by 2021. 

Tae Kwang Vina has a wide scale of operations, employs a significant number of people, and has a solid profit margin on total assets and equity, as well as a good profit margin. The company's sales earnings were good, and its solvency was strong. It might be argued that the business is running smoothly.

  • Website: www.taekwang.co.kr
  • Tel:  (+84) 2513836421
  • Tax code: 3600266046
  • Founded year: 1994
  • Address: Bien Hoa Industrial Park 2, 8 Road 9A, City. Bien Hoa Dong Nai (Google Map)
  • Number of employees: More than 20,000 employees

Roll Sport Vietnam Footwear Ltd. - Vietnam Nike Wholesale

Roll Sport Vietnam Footwear Ltd. is a 100% foreign-invested enterprise specializing in the production of shoes and footwear for export. The company has excellent product research and development institutions, supporting terminal marketing service management systems and perfect modern management systems. 

In strict accordance with the brand operation specifications, market expansion and terminal sales services are carried out. The main products are children's sports shoes, beach shoes, slippers, injection shoes, and other products. Fashionable style, and exquisite craftsmanship, well received by domestic and foreign consumers. Products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and America.

  • Tax code: 2801572789
  • Founded year: 2010
  • Address: Hoang Long Industrial Park, Tao Xuyen Ward, Thanh Hoa City, Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam (Google Map)
  • Number of employees:

Worldon (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. - Vietnam Wholesale Nike Shoes

Worldon (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. is a 100% foreign-invested enterprise specializing in garment processing, footwear, and packaging under an international corporation. The company is located in Dong Nam Industrial Park, Hoa Phu Commune, Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City. 

The company officially came into operation in March 2015, and the labor demand for production of the Company is about 12,000 employees. The company mainly processes for famous international sports and entertainment brands of Europe, America, Japan... Worldon's mission is to establish a green business, creating products that are suitable for life. The core values that the Company always upholds are Reputation - Responsibility - Learning - Efficiency.

  • Tel: (+84) 968835563
  • Tax code: 0313095786
  • Founded year: 2015
  • Address: Lot D1, D4 Street, Southeast Industrial Park, Hoa Phu Commune, Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City (Google Map)
  • Number of employees: Over 12,000 employees

Dona Victor Footwear Co., Ltd. - Vietnam Wholesale Nike Shoes

Dona Victor Footwear Co., Ltd. is focused on doing business in the footwear manufacturing industry. The head office of Dona Victor Footwear Co., Ltd. is located in Song May Industrial Zone, Bac Son Commune, Trang Bom District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam. This firm is a Limited Liability Company (FDI) with a registered capital of USD 35,400,000.

  • Tel: (+84) 251 3869 817
  • Tax code: 3600265726
  • Founded year: 1998
  • Address: Song May Industrial Zone, Bac Son Commune, Trang Bom District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam (Google Map)
  • Number of employees: More than 5000 employees

Pouchen Vietnam Co., Ltd. - Vietnam Wholesale Nike Shoes

The Pou Chen Corporation is the world's largest producer of branded athletic and casual footwear. Nike, Adidas, Asics, New Balance, and Timberland are among its clients. It produces around 300 million pairs of shoes each year, accounting for nearly 20% of the worldwide wholesale value of branded athletic and leisure footwear. 

 Pouchen - Vietnam Wholesale Nike Shoes

Pou Chen is a Taiwanese company. China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Myanmar all have industries. In addition to footwear, the firm offers sportswear in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan under the YYSports brand.

  • Website: http://www.pouchen.com/
  • Tel:  (+84) 90 872 38 78
  • Tax code: 3600265571
  • Founded year: 2008
  • Address: Nguyen Ai Quoc Street, An Hoa Ward, Hoa An Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam (Google Map)
  • Number of employees: Over 1,000 employees

Fulgent Sun Group - Vietnam Wholesale Nike Shoes

Fulgent Sun Group is a Taiwanese sport and outdoor footwear producer. In Vietnam, Cambodia, and China, the firm produces shoes. Fulgent Sun is a contract manufacturer for big brands such as Columbia, The North Face, Timberland, Toms, and Under Armour, in addition to Nike (UA). Nike has been provided by Fulgent Sun since 2009. 

 Fulgent - Vietnam Wholesale Nike Shoes

Fulgent Sun Footwear was established in 2003 in Vietnam and specializes in waterproof outdoor shoes.

  • Website: www.fulgentsun.com
  • Tel: (+84) 221 3972591
  • Tax code: 0101330967
  • Founded year: 2003
  • Address: Lot L5, Pho Noi B Textile Industrial Park, Di Su Ward, My Hao Town, Hung Yen Province, Vietnam (Google Map)

Vietnam CAN SPORTS CO., LTD - Vietnam Wholesale Nike Shoes

In 2012, Can Sports Vietnam was officially established, specializing in manufacturing footwear products. With the maturity in production, the output of Can Sports Vietnam company is getting higher and higher.

  • Website: www.cansportsvg.com
  • Tel: (+84) 38 433 4322
  • Tax code: 3900963009
  • Founded year: 2011
  • Address: Thuan Hoa Hamlet, Truong Mit Commune, Duong Minh Chau District, Tay Ninh Province, Vietnam. (Google Map)

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The above are the top 10 leading wholesale Nike shoes in Vietnam. Vietnam's footwear exports are expected to reach 17.61 billion USD in 2021, up 4.9 percent from 2020. Vietnam's main footwear export market is the United States. It is also the fastest-growing export market in the world. With signs of the US economy recovering following the epidemic, it is expected that Americans would boost their purchases in the near future, especially footwear. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

As Vietnam continues to strengthen its position as a major footwear exporter, businesses aiming to sell in Vietnam can benefit from the comprehensive services offered by EFEX. With its expertise in navigating the Vietnamese market and its dedication to providing tailored solutions, EFEX can serve as a valuable partner for companies seeking to establish a successful presence in the flourishing Vietnamese footwear industry.

In conclusion, Vietnam's growing role in the global footwear market, coupled with EFEX's specialized services, presents a promising opportunity for businesses looking to expand your operations and sell in Vietnam.

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