Top 16 Vietnam Ecommerce Sites in 2023

Ngoc Lee
Top 16 Vietnam Ecommerce Sites in 2023
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There’s no doubt that nowadays Ecommerce is a global trend since it facilitates people around the world to get everything they need with a click. The rising trend is spreading out in VietNam, too. We cannot deny that there are hundreds of Vietnam eCommerce platforms operating on different scales and structures. 

But not all of them are worth using. 

In today’s article, the Top 16 Vietnam Ecommerce sites represented below will help you to choose the most trustful, effective, and suitable for you!

What is Ecommerce?

Known as Electronic Commerce, E-commerce, E-comm, or EC, eCommerce refers to a business model that offers enterprises or individuals to buy and sell products/goods or services through the Internet.  This business transaction occurs both as a business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), consumers-to-consumers, or consumers-to-business. It is conducted by computers, tablets, and smartphones, so we can say that eCommerce is cross-border.

Vietnam Ecommerce has grown rapidly in recent years
Vietnam Ecommerce has grown rapidly in recent years

Ecommerce sites is a website that helps customers to purchase and sell physical goods, services, and other digital products over the internet instead of being in a slip-up-and-mortar position. Through an e-commerce website, a business can take over orders, process payments, handle shipping and logistics, and furnish client service. 

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Currently, Vietnam's e-commerce industry is making extremely strong strides with many well-known Viet Nam ecommerce sites.  Most of the sales companies outside the form of traditional sales (Buy, sell, deal directly with each other) also add shopping via the internet.  This shopping is online and is gradually becoming a daily consumption habit of the majority of Vietnamese people, especially young people, with fast access to technology and increasingly limited time. Internet development boosts e-commerce growth. 

In reality, it is obvious that e-commerce in Vietnam has been bringing both businesses and clients unconceivable advantages which can be stated as faster sales, wider deals scale, and brisk product purchases. better, more effective, cheaper …

Criteria for ranking the best Vietnam top eCommerce sites

Before analyzing and ranking the 16 Vietnam top commerce sites, several criteria below are the ground base for judging and ranking them. They can be listed as: 

  • Visiting counts: This index indicates the customers’ access counts monthly, conducted by Similarweb. 
  • Apps downloads counts: App downloads along with app revenue, user interaction, and a number of user accounts on two operating systems, iOS and Android, conducted by App Annie. 
  • Social networking sites followers: Statistics on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (followers on Facebook are collected according to the number of followers in Vietnam) 

Bear in mind that only e-commerce exchanges with 1 hundred thousand hits or 1 hundred thousand followers are being analyzed.

Top 16 Vietnam Ecommerce Sites in 2023

Here are 16 Vietnam's top eCommerce sites that are reliable. It's a list of the top sixteen online shopping/marketplace sites in the Vietnam e-commerce market, compiled using several statistical tools and customers’ own experience in the eCommerce and online shopping markets in Vietnam. Let's take a look at the top sixteen online shopping destinations in Vietnam.

#1. Shopee VietNam - Vietnam Ecommerce Sites

Shopee VietNam is on the top of the list. It can be seen as the Vietnamese e-commerce website most visited by consumers. Shopee is viral nowadays for those figures:

  • Website: https://shopee.vn
  • Web traffic per month: 38,589,400
  • iOS ranking position: Top 1
  • Android ranking position: Top 1
  • Youtube Subscribers: 172,410
  • Facebook followers: 14.804,320
  • Instagram followers: 137,160

Shopee Vietnam is currently operating under the B2C e-commerce model. This e-commerce site was founded in 2015 and is just going to celebrate its 7th birthday party. Despite being so fresh and immature, Shopee has gained customers’ trust and set its own foothold in the segment by grasping the trend and sustainable development strategy. 

Shopee is the vietnam top ecommerce sites
Shopee is the vietnam ecommerce sites

Shopee's online layout is incredibly user-friendly, easy to use, and quick order processing is just a few of the great features that have helped Shopee become Vietnam's #1 e-commerce website at the current time. There’s no doubt that Shopee is on the first rank of the Vietnam's top eCommerce sites. 

#2. Thegioididong.com - Vietnam E-Commerce Site

Thegioididong is the best eCommerce website for electronic chains in Vietnam and  a famous Vietnam eCommerce site:

  • Website: https://www.thegioididong.com/ 
  • Web traffic per month: 32,349,000 VND
  • iOS Rating: Top 2
  • Android Rating: Top 2
  • Youtube Subscribers: 600,930
  • Facebook followers: 3,377,630 VN
  • Instagram followers: 2,120

When it comes to Vietnam e-commerce sites, we would think of Thegioididong - the earliest founded one.  In 2004, Thegioididong was established.  In the early days, this brand specialized in selling mobile digital products, including mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and electronic accessories. 

Nowadays, Thegioididong is present in 63 provinces and cities across Vietnam. 

Thegioididong is one of the best local business in retail
Thegioididong is one of the best local business in retail - Vietnam E-Commerce Site

This e-commerce site is well-known for its online retail system and trading platform, and it is a market leader in mobile items. This company has recently moved into the industry of consumer electronics. It can be claimed that Thegioididong is considerably superior in culture to the aforementioned e-commerce platforms, always putting the client first. 

When you walk about it, you can immediately tell how professional the service is.  This brand is regarded as the most reliable and high-quality online sales address due to its dedication.

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#3. Dienmayxanh.com - Vietnam Top Ecommerce Sites

Dien May Xanh is also one of Vietnam's most popular e-commerce sites. This e-commerce business quickly moved to the 3rd position in this rating thanks to a robust public relations strategy.

  • Website: https://www.dienmayxanh.com/
  • Web traffic per month: 21,373,700
  • iOS Rating: Top 3
  • Android ranking: Top 7
  • Youtube Subscribers: 367,220
  • Facebook followers: 1,469,130 
Dienmayxanh is a subsidiary of thegioididong but is also experiencing outstanding growth
Dienmayxanh is a subsidiary of thegioididong but is also experiencing outstanding growth - Vietnam Top Ecommerce Sites

It is widely known that Thegioididong, a Joint Stock Company, owns Dien May Xanh - an e-commerce website. Dien May Xanh entered the e-commerce industry in 2010, following 12 years of development.  Thanks to its high level of expertise, this brand is now present in all 63 provinces and cities across the country with a dense system of supermarkets. Consumers who shop online at Dien May Xanh benefit from a large range of products and receive them rapidly.

#4. Lazada.vn - Vietnam Top Ecommerce Sites

Lazada.vn is a rising e-commerce site that gradually getting its attention from the masses. Ranked in the top 4, there’s no doubt that Lazada.vn is becoming popular among online shopping lovers and is expected to upgrade its rank in Vietnam's eCommerce platform.

  • Website: http://www.lazada.vn/
  • Web traffic per month: 17,606,700
  • iOS Rating: Top 4
  • Android ranking: Top 3
  • Youtube Subscribers: 138,700 VND
  • Facebook followers: 28,413,610
  • Instagram followers: 71,550

Lazada is part of the Alibaba Group, which is led by billionaire Jack Ma. This e-commerce platform first entered the Vietnamese market in 2012, and it can be claimed that Lazada has always had distinctive features, ranging from a modern and professional design to a wide range of products for sale. 

Thousands of products in the areas of furniture, tablets, phones, health care products, beauty, fashion and accessories, toys, sports goods, and more may be found on Lazada.com. 

Lazada is also a big player in vietnam top ecommerce sites
Lazada is also a big player in vietnam top ecommerce sites

While Shopee follows the B2C model, Lazada follows both the B2C and C2C models. This e-commerce website does not sell goods or services; instead, it serves as a platform for individuals and businesses to register for online sales. Lazada is in charge of online transactions, store management, and customer service. Lazada is one of the e-commerce websites in Vietnam that focuses on investing in the field of communication and image marketing. Lazada is virtually always advertising itself on all fronts.

#5. Tiki - Vietnam Eommerce Sites

Tiki lies in 5th place, which is a bit lower than its ranks in the 2019-2020 segment. Despite a slight decrease in the ranking position, Tiki still won the trust of the customers, which can be seen clearly with the following impressive numbers:

  • Website: https://tiki.vn/
  • Web traffic per month: 15,624,000
  • iOS Rating: Top 3
  • Android Rating: Top 5
  • Youtube Subscribers: 365,450
  • Facebook followers: 2,818,460
  • Instagram followers: 124,000

Tiki additionally works under the B2C model, which is an internet business stage claimed by Vietnamese individuals. Tiki has already centered around books and the like…  Yet presently this online business site additionally grows the business to numerous different fields, for instance, Home - Life, Beauty - Health, Equipment Numbers - Digital extras, Phones - Tablets, Electrical machines, Mother and Baby, Stationery hardware, Sports - Picnic Toys - Souvenirs… 

Tiki's one of the few vietnamese e-commerce platforms that is thriving
Tiki's one of the few vietnamese e-commerce platforms that is thriving - Vietnam Eommerce Sites

Tiki has a ton of special approaches for the two purchasers and deals partners, the majority of the merchandise on Tiki is very much appreciated, the conveyance charge is modest, and the item cost is some of the timeless expensive than some web-based business sites.

#6. Chotot.com - Vietnam E Commerce Site

Laid out in 2012, Chotot.com is the first eCommerce stage in Vietnam spearheading ordered 4.0 with more than 1 billion site visits consistently. There are normally 9 out of 10 Vietnamese individuals who know about Cho Tot while getting some information about selling and purchasing in any class.

  • Website: https://www.chotot.com/
  • Web traffic per month: 13,324,000
  • iOS Rating: Top 4
  • Android ranking: Top 6
  • Youtube Subscribers: 185,450
  • Facebook followers: 2,404.333

The company was established in 2012 with its headquarters located in Ho Chi Minh city, Chotot specializes in E-commerce, Digital marketing, Online classified, Online media, Technology, Classified, C2C, Product, Recommerce, and Classified 4.0 

cho tot is the best market place for secondhand goods
cho tot is the best market place for secondhand goods - Vietnam E Commerce Site

Chotot - Vietnamese classifieds trading site with a large number of deals being sold consistently. Post respectable, quick, and safe trading news.

#7. Sendo - Vietnam Ecommerce Platform

The seventh name to be mentioned in the list is Sendo. Sendo is known as a trustful e-commerce site in Viet Nam which offers customers quality products at a competitive price.  Although standing in the middle-ranking, Sendo still embraces impressive figures:

  • Website: https://www.sendo.vn/
  • Web traffic per month: 3,347,300
  • iOS Rating: Top 4
  • Android ranking: Top 12
  • Youtube Subscribers: 93,710
  • Facebook followers: 2,703,250

Since 2018, Sendo has seen outstanding growth. In September 2012, Sendo joined the Vietnamese e-commerce playground and quickly became famous because behind this e-commerce platform is FPT Corporation.  With the purpose of connecting buyers and sellers nationwide, Sendo operates under the B2C2C model (business-to-consumer-to-consumer). Nowadays, Sendo majors in fashions for both men and women all over the country in all ranges of ages. Sendo has made great strides and is expected to grow in the future.

sendo is the 2nd largest local e-commerce platform in vietnam
sendo is the 2nd largest local e-commerce platform in Vietnam - Vietnam Ecommerce Platform

#8. FPTshop.com - Vietnam Ecommerce Sites

The top 8 to be presented is FPTshop.com. This eCommerce website's ranking decreased compared with its own position in 2021. 

  • Website: https://fptshop.com.vn/
  • Web traffic per month: 31,141,600
  • Youtube Subscribers: 186,420
  • Facebook followers: 2,454.720
  • Instagram followers: 10,050
Fptshop is one of the leading retail business
Fptshop is one of the leading retail business - Vietnam Ecommerce Sites

In August 2007, FPT Shop launched in Vietnam with a retail system specializing in digital products including tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and electronic accessories,... FPT Shop is also one of the few brands that are the main distributors of Apple in Vietnam, the first retail center in Vietnam to be granted the ISO 9001: 2000 quality management certificate according to international standards. We can say that although Thegioididong and Dienmayxanh have more reputations in electronic as well as digital products, FPTshop still got their loyal customers.

#9. Bachhoaxanh.com - Vietnam Top Ecommerce Sites

If all the above eCommerce websites major in industrial products and services, Bachhoaxanh is a new breeze when they serve customers fresh food of all kinds. Bachhoaxanh brings trust to customers through fresh and delicious products

  • Website: https://www.bachhoaxanh.com/
  • Web traffic per month: 7,372,100
  • iOS ranking: Top 13
  • Youtube Subscribers: 2,640
  • Facebook followers: 227,590
bach hoa xanh is the leading retailer of consumer goods in Vietnam
bach hoa xanh is the leading retailer of consumer goods in Vietnam - vietnam top ecommerce sites

Bachhoaxanh is also a mini grocery chain, which was in possession of Thegioididong joint-stock company. Unlike Dienmayxanh, Bachhoaxanh focuses on delivering fresh food and other commodities for everyday life. Bach Hoa Xanh operated 324 storefronts in Ho Chi Minh City from 2015 to 2018, servicing 226,800 clients every day. 

This brand is believed to be quite popular among the masses.  Bach Hoa Xanh has chosen the mini supermarket segment (similar to the Indonesian Alfamart model), with the goal of avoiding competition with large supermarkets and saving space while being able to cover a large area and reach every corner, so the brand's traditional trading activities are well advanced.

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#10. Meta.vn - Vietnam Ecommerce Platform

Meta has upgraded to rank.10 compared to the 14th position in the last segment.

  • Website: https://meta.vn/
  • Web traffic per month: 3,019,000 VND
  • iOS Rating: Top 20
  • Android ranking: Top 15
  • Youtube Subscribers: 19,960 VND
  • Facebook followers: 68,650
  • Instagram followers: 490
Meta is a leading retailer of machinery and tools
Meta is a leading retailer of machinery and tools - Vietnam Ecommerce Platform

Meta is a well-known e-commerce platform among online shoppers. Since 2007, this brand has been a leader in its field of e-commerce in Vietnam. With the purpose of providing clients with the finest quality products, Meta is continually working to enhance service quality by responding to customer feedback and acting on it honestly.

#11. Cellphones

CellphoneS is an e-commerce website honored in the 11th position on this list of leading e-commerce websites in Vietnam.

  • Website: https://cellphones.com.vn/
  • Web traffic per month: 7,100,900
  • Subscribers on Youtube: 2,084,290
  • Followers on Facebook: 552,670
  • Instagram followers: 58,880
Cellphone S can be strong in technology retail network
Cellphone S can be strong in technology retail network

When we think of CellphoneS, we think of a recognized brand with a cutting-edge mobile retail system that is solely dedicated to this item. In terms of groceries, however, Cellphone S is still restricted compared to Thegioididong or FPT Shop.

#12. Phong Vũ 

Phong Vu – One of the famous brands in the field of technology.

  • Website: Phongvu.vn
  • Web traffic per month: 1,026,200
  • Subscribers on Youtube: 7,770
  • Followers on Facebook: 212,475
Phongvu.vn is the leading company in distributing gaming and technology product
Phongvu.vn is the leading company in distributing gaming and technology product

#13. Vatgia

For Vietnamese consumers, the name Vat Gia is not unfamiliar.

vatgia is one the first e-commerce sites in Vietnam
Vatgia is one the first e-commerce sites in Vietnam

This e-commerce website offers a diverse selection of products, including electronics, technology, automobiles, and vehicles. machinery, cosmetics, fashion, food, entertainment services, entertainment, tourism, and so on.

#14. Dien May Cho Lon 

14th place belongs to Dien May Cho Lon.

Dien may cho lon is a well developed eletrical distribution brand in the south of vietnam
Dien may cho lon is a well developed eletrical distribution brand in the south of vietnam

Dienmaycholon is an e-commerce site in Vietnam that sells electrical goods and furniture. Customers rapidly trusted this business because of its competent and current service approach.

#15. Nguyen Kim - Vietnam E-Commerce Site

Nguyen Kim is well-known for its outstanding quality, and it is ranked 15th on this list.

  • Website: https://www.nguyenkim.com/
  • Web traffic per month: 2,925,700
  • iOS Rating: Top 15
  • Android ranking: Top 10
  • Youtube Subscribers: 18,770 VND
Nguyen Kim is also a strong electronics distribution company in Vietnam
Nguyen Kim is also a strong electronics distribution company in Vietnam

#16. HoangHa Mobile - Vietnam Ecommerce Site

Hoang Ha Mobile is regarded as one of the most recognized, high-quality, and low-cost sales addresses among supermarkets that specialize in offering phones and accessories.

Hoang Hoa Mobile - Vietnam Ecommerce Site
Hoang Hoa Mobile - Vietnam Ecommerce Site

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Final Thoughts

As of the first quarter of 2023, the top 16 most popular Viet Nam e-commerce sites are listed above. The constant competition from e-commerce sites, particularly businesses in the same area, will undoubtedly disrupt this ranking at some point in the future. 

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Efex's comprehensive range of services, including business setup, market analysis, logistics support, and digital marketing assistance, presents an invaluable resource for companies aiming to navigate the complexities of the Vietnamese e-commerce market.

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