Top 10 Disadvantages of perpetual inventory system

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Top 10 Disadvantages of perpetual inventory system
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Online business-enhancing software programs are excellent. They make sure that several crucial business processes are streamlined, which includes inventory management. Any company that would deal with physical products of various types in their business module must have inventory systems of some kind. An inventory control technique called the perpetual inventory system updates products each time your business completes a transaction. However, you must assess the advantages and disadvantages of the consolidated perpetual inventory system before using it in your business. But in this article, we'll focus on the disadvantages of perpetual inventory system. Despite the fact that using perpetual inventory systems had just as many if not more advantages, their drawbacks became apparent. The following is a list of the 10 disadvantages of perpetual inventory system.

Disadvantages of perpetual inventory system
Disadvantages of perpetual inventory system

Disadvantages Of perpetual inventory system 01: Loss of products

The quick and simple recording of the many products available in any business is ensured by the use of perpetual inventory systems. With that kind of system set up, the problem arises when a product is lost for whatever cause. You can notice the irregularity even if you don't inspect it physically. It was essential to perform a physical inventory as part of the periodic inventory system to compare the actual inventory to the inventories recorded in the journals. The perpetual inventory system, however, does not call for this unless it is conducted proactively, at which point any losses would be discovered. This might be viewed as a serious drawback of perpetual inventory systems. 

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Disadvantages Of perpetual inventory system 02: Breakages

Any broken or unusable product should be removed, and the records should be updated as needed. If a piece of equipment is damaged and covertly discarded without being modified into the system, it will remain that way until you manually inspect it.

Disadvantages Of perpetual inventory system 03: Risk of theft

Risk of theft
Risk of theft

Such items will remain unknown if the theft is not discovered or stopped at the place of exit from the store or warehouse. Additionally, this would only enter the management's attention after being physically examined. Large businesses utilize a variety of restrictions at the physical departure points and tight processes to avoid theft.

Disadvantages Of perpetual inventory system 04: Scanning mistakes

To enable scanning, each item in a perpetual inventory management system would require a tag or a "barcode".  The perpetual inventory system will not be able to identify a mistake if it happened in the scanning system whenever the item came in or went out.

Disadvantages Of perpetual inventory system 05: Wrong inventory tracking

The perpetual inventory system should have a highly efficient backup plan. Proactive detection of incorrect inventory tracking would not be possible without the implementation of such a system.

Disadvantages Of perpetual inventory system 06: Hacking

The fact that you would have to use the internet to run any software you implemented is another significant drawback of perpetual inventory systems. We are aware that crooks can get through even the best American security measures. If dishonest people try their hand at hacking and infiltration, there is no end to how far they may go. Staying online makes you more vulnerable, which would not occur if you continued to use the outdated method of tracking securities on "stock cards."

Disadvantages Of perpetual inventory system 07: Higher Cost Investment

The setup expense is one drawback of a perpetual inventory system. 

Higher Cost Investment
Higher Cost Investment

Perpetual inventory systems are costly. The technology required for the system to function (barcodes, computer software, and so on.) can be quite pricey. The costs may increase if the old system needs to be updated to work with the new one. Another cost is the cost of retraining current staff or hiring new ones to work on the system. Therefore, this technique is not advised for a small company with minimal margins.

Disadvantages Of perpetual inventory system 08: Training on Equipment

The additional amount of training needed to implement a perpetual inventory system is another drawback. As mentioned above, your company will have to pay the cost of retraining staff with the software and equipment. Besides, this may not really save your time. Employees must be able to use the different scanning devices. Training is required for accounting staff to use the inventory system.

Disadvantages Of perpetual inventory system 09: Flawed reliability

When monitoring inventory levels, perpetual inventory systems might be false. Employees may input amounts incorrectly or scan the incorrect inventory item. Thus, shoplifters could take things.

Disadvantages Of perpetual inventory system 10: Additional Jobs

Employee mistakes or consumer theft necessitate extra supervision, which necessitates further financial expenditure and labor force. Installation of security monitors is quite common, and some businesses employ security employees.


Knowing the pros and cons of the perpetual inventory system
Knowing the pros and cons of the perpetual inventory system

 Every system would have problems in addition to its benefits. The issue is not refraining from utilizing the online services. Although we have the ability to change the present situation, we are aware that "the world is not flawless." The benefits of perpetual inventory systems include real-time updates, better forecasting, etc. You must be aware of the numerous drawbacks that this technique also has. Loss of things, scanning mistakes, theft, and so on are drawbacks of perpetual inventory systems. You should carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of perpetual inventory systems from various suppliers if you want to receive the best solutions. Knowing the strengths and drawbacks of the perpetual inventory system will enable you to choose the ideal moment for implementation. Wanna learn more about the advantages of the perpetual inventory system? So, remember to check out our other articles. Hope you have a good time with Efex.

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